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Monday, March 2, 2009

Airport joys....

Today was a ho hum kind of day, just worked, and I did have Taco Bell for dinner but I had their fresco tacos. They are yummy.

My sister Jennifer, is getting a new dog a Standard Poodle Puppy to show in AKC Conformation events. She is 7 months old, and a Silver girl. Jen is sort of 'agoraphobic' and doesn't like to go out in public by herself, so I agreed to go with her. Her flight was due to land in SLC at 6:57pm, and they usually have you get there about 30-45 min after it lands for picking up cargo, so we got there at about 7:20, and they tell us that the flight had some complications and had to turn back to Minneapolis, but it was fixed so they were on their way. So we sat there until 9:30 when the flight finally made it in. It was loads of fun let me tell you....we got some interesting stories from the workers such as how once they had a Gorrilla being shipped and it had a layover in SLC, and the thing was super agitated, the airplane left with the Gorrilla on it, well the Gorrilla was jumping up and down, and screaming/ranting, so the pilot turned around because it was shaking the ENTIRE plane, and upsetting the passengers, so they had to get a truck to transport it to Oregon. Anyways here is my sister's new puppy, Right now she weighs about 35#

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