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Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm done living in CHAOS!

Years ago, my sister and I did something each day/night to help control the clutter in our house and in our lives, I was browsing some blogs today and was reminded of it. It is Fly Lady It is all about decluttering and not living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I was frustrated as last night someone came to our door...we were home but didn't answer as it's a bit cluttered right now. While my hubby doesn't mind if people see it like it is, I DO! It bothers me. Both my hubby and I work full time, and I suffer from depression so I'm not the 'perfect' housewife all the time. But I'm sick of the CHAOS, not only for that reason, but I'm sick of living a life of 'chaos' in my mental, physical, and emotional lives. I am DONE with CHAOS! LOL! So starting today I am going to take 'babysteps' not only on "Fly Lady" but in my weight loss journey as well, It tend to go 'all' out then get overwhelmed and tend to go off plan. I am going to start with the baby steps with Fly Lady and get my life out of CHAOS, as I would like to be able to answer my door, and have people over without getting embarassed by what the house looks like. I'm going to be posting more about this as I do it, as well as my 'progress'. I don't think I'm brave enough to post 'progress' pictures, but may post 'after' pictures.

In my weight loss journey, I am going to get out of CHAOS as well. My Chaos 'decluttering' with my weight loss is as follows:
C: Control what I eat, Is it really worth it? Is what I am craving, really going to 'solve' my hunger or is it just going to make it worse?
H: Happiness, find ways to be happy as at least I've noted, when I'm happy I'm less likely to 'stress eat'. I will find ways to relieve my stress other than eating.
A: Activity continue to exercise at least 30 minutes each day, change up the routine every now and then.
O: Off Days I am not going to let my days off ruin my diet any longer, I WILL be strong, I will prepare my meals the night before just as if I am at work, then I won't have to worry about what I am in the mood for etc on my days off.
S: Success I am going to CELEBRATE my success, I haven't decided how or how often, but so far I've been able to celebrate by buying smaller sizes of pants (from 22 down to a 16 so far). I will keep thinking about this and post at a future date.

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