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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who's Fault is it Anyways?

As I sit here on my couch reading one of my favorite blogs: as he truly inspires and motivates me, as well as my encourages me that if he can lose the weight, my husband and I can lose the weight. He has lost over 200# in 2 years, he still has some to lose, but how amazing is that? He has done it without surgery even. WOW! Anyways as I sit here pondering about things, it struck me, "Who's Fault Is It Anyways?" That I have been stuck in a diet rut for the past year? I was 212# a year ago in December (2008) and today I weighed in at 219.0# (which was a loss from yesterday but still), I have let stress, and drinking too much regular coke get to me. It is MY fault that I haven't been as strong as I know I can be. I lost 70# back in 2003/2004 so I KNOW I can do it! I just have to keep focused and not let stress get to me. It is MY fault that I prefer (or am just that lazy) to sit on the couch and watch TV instead of exercising. It is MY fault that I chose to eat fast food instead of eating a healthier lunch which I do sometimes. I have an exercise partner (my Golden Retriever, Shellie) and I KNOW I can do it, granted there is snow on the sidewalks right now and I don't want to hurt her paws/feet but I can exercise inside using my elliptical, stability ball or any of the 10+ Leslie Sansone WATP DVD's I have. So while my weight, lack of exercise, and lack of drinking proper amounts of water is MY FAULT, NO ONE force feeds me, NO ONE chains me to the couch, NO ONE forces regular coke down my throat (I have apsartame poisoning so can't drink regular diet drinks), It may be MY FAULT, but ONLY I AM THE ONE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I am the one who can get off the couch, eat proper foods, exercise, chose water over Coke. If it is to be, it's up to me!

Love the savings!

I hope everyone is having a great day! I was going through some photobook pictures and found one from last years Ho Ho Ho Challenge (2008) and I was at 212# EEK! I was 219.0# this morning. Definitely gotta do something about that! Rob and I spent a good majority of our morning looking for his little network crimping tool, we finally found it then he hooked up our network so we have computer/internet access to our Media PC (we have wireless but it isn't always reliable for watching movies etc). So then he went to take a nap, I went to the bank and went and picked up some more Fruit at our favorite 30# of fruit (Apples, Oranges, Nectarines & Tomatoes) for $12.00 I LOVE it! I have thoroughly enjoyed having the Fruit to eat/snack on. It's helping me stay on plan instead of eating crap for snacks. Then went and saved $3.50 on the Cheer detergant I buy for our whites (I make our own laundry soap for everything else). If I would have known that it was that on sale I would have boughten a few more. It's normally $8.39/bottle for 32 loads at 2x strength. Maybe I will go back and get more. As that savings it definitely worth it. I have done a little cleaning and stuff today (laundry/dishes) and here in a few minutes am going to do my WATP so I can get my exercise in before Rob wakes up for the evening, so I can spend time with him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shellie Says....

Exercise Balls are E-V-I-L!!!!!! Yesterday I took down our Christmas tree, and rearranged/cleaned our living room...well I had put my exercise ball on the couch and it rolled off, Shellie was coming in the room and totally wigged out about the ball, grumbling at it, growling, barking, and crouched down really low to the ground investigating it cautiously. Then a cute shot of my baby girl Zoey all snuggled up at work today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rob's New Roaster

Last week Rob decided he wanted Roasted marshmallows so he used out toaster to make them. So I know not exactly 'Diet Friendly' but I am very proud of my hubby, so wanted to share this. Well last night I was cleaning and pulled out our old toaster and asked Rob if he wanted me to throw it away, his eyes lit up and said last night he modified it and made a desktop 'roaster' out of it! It was broken, it's an electronic one and the circuitry that told the toaster the toast was done and to pop up was broken so it would burn the toast (to the point it caught on fire), so we bought us a new one. Anyways, he even made it 'Heather' proof so to speak, bending a 'rack' to protect from the inner heating elements. He is so smart, I married a Genius! It roasts them really well and even roasts hot dogs!