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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rob's New Roaster

Last week Rob decided he wanted Roasted marshmallows so he used out toaster to make them. So I know not exactly 'Diet Friendly' but I am very proud of my hubby, so wanted to share this. Well last night I was cleaning and pulled out our old toaster and asked Rob if he wanted me to throw it away, his eyes lit up and said last night he modified it and made a desktop 'roaster' out of it! It was broken, it's an electronic one and the circuitry that told the toaster the toast was done and to pop up was broken so it would burn the toast (to the point it caught on fire), so we bought us a new one. Anyways, he even made it 'Heather' proof so to speak, bending a 'rack' to protect from the inner heating elements. He is so smart, I married a Genius! It roasts them really well and even roasts hot dogs!


MotherToMany said...

That's too funny! LOL
But I love the idea of roasting marshmallows on it! Those looked great!

SeaShore said...

That's awesome! Hot dogs & s'mores at any time. :)