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Friday, December 18, 2009

Today's DEHRT

More to come....
"The past does not define us, the present does" Jillian Michaels
Discovered a WONDERFUL website, it has a lot of great tips on it, as well as talks about an Emotional Eating Bach Essences kit which I picked up the essences for yesterday, I must say I think it is already helping, normally when I stress I eat, eat, eat, and drink TONS of Diet Coke (with splenda) well today I am remaining calm and not really obsessing about eating my stress away.

Exercise: Planned: WATP DVD

Housework: Goals for today:
1 load of dishes
Put up christmas tree
1 load of laundry put away and folded

Taking care of me: Discovered Bach Essences, and OMG what a difference, the past few days have been extremely stressful with work, have had a few 'fires' with complaints I've had to put out, normally this TOTALLY stresses me out and I am on edge, but the combo of essences I am taking TOTALLY are helping me remain calm. Like this morning Rob was late with the car, so therefore I wasn't able to leave by 6:15 which is my normal time I leave for work by, normally I get pissy, and agitated, and I was able to just take it all in stride. YEAH!

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