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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Jan 31st Day 1 LFL

After last nights 'horrible' dinner I have decided I MUST do better. I am going to 'restart' my LFL Diet YET AGAIN.........So here goes.......My goal is to lose 10% of my current weight in the next 10 weeks. I KNOW I can do this. I am going to be posting some pointers from the Lindora Lean For Life (LFL)/Rite Aid Weight Loss Plan (which is designed by Lindora) combo each day to help keep me motivated. Did you know that Losing 10% of your body weight can significantly decrease your risk for developing health conditions that are associated with obesity?

I am also researching Gluten Intolerance as EVERY time I eat bread/pasta or the likes I get gassy, bloated and have tummy aches, it kept me up all night last night tossing and turning.

Here are my daily goals:

  1. Weigh yourself every morning.
  2. Drink 80 oz of calorie-free fluids every day.
  3. Eat a meal or a snack every two hours.
  4. Strive for at least 30 minutes of walking or other physical activity every day.

More to come....My blogs are gonna be getting longer :) YEAH!
Today's Daily Action Plan: Today's Weight 211.4#

Today's Affirmation:
"I AM taking the first step toward better health!"

B-2 Cheese Hot Dogs 2g, 1/2 banana 13g
L- 3 toppings only large from Philly Steak/Cheese Pizza & 1 combo
D- Taco Salad (without nachos/chips/shell--so just the lettuce, meat, cheese and tomatoes
Snacks: Deli Meats & String Cheese
Liquids: 4 Diet Cokes, 64oz of H2o

**Today I was able to Eat Better because I: I made up my mind before I ate what I was going to put into my mouth. It made avoiding the crusts that much easier.
**Today I was able to move better because I:
**Today I was able to Stress Less because I:
**Today I feel really great about: Making the decision to avoid the carbs today
**Tomorrow I will focus on... Drinking more water and less Diet Coke...I'm an addict, but I KNOW I can do this.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fri Jan 30th

Friday Jan 30th
B- 3 Eggs, 1 sausage pattie, 1 T cheese 7g
L- 6 Pieces of Turkey Deli Sliced 1g, 3 string cheese 3g
D- 55 Goldfish Crackers 19g 9 NY Cheesecake Hershey's Kisses 24g Carbs
Snacks: 1 snack size bag of popcorn 20g

Fluids: 1 Diet Sunkist, 2 Cherry Coke Zeros, 4 Blue Cups of Water (at least 100oz)
Exercise: Just working at work
Total Carbs today: 74g today. K something's amiss! Had BAD BAD dinner. I have issues at night when I get home from work!

UGH! As you can see I didn't make the most proper decisions with Lunch and dinner today. I didn't eat lunch until 7:00pm AFTER I was on my way home from work. I had a late breakfast and I just was too busy/not hungry enough to eat at lunch time. Then I made HORRIBLE decisions with my dinner and I have the Gastric Reflux to prove it....NO MORE CHOCOLATE FOR ME! It's horrible! I haven't really had issues with my Reflux for a while and now I am having it again. UGH UGH UGH! So anyways I AM starting my Lean for Life Diet AGAIN! Tomorrow is DAY 1, I can't deal with the yo yoing any more, it frustrates me too badly, and if I'm gonna get to goal this year, I've got to kick my butt into gear! I will be posting my 'daily action plan' each day. It's from Lean for Life and is awesome!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29th

I've got to start keeping track of what I eat, so I have some form of 'accountability' for what I put into my mouth. I have been way too lax lately, causing a gain of WAY too much this week, so I am determined to do this!

Thursday Jan 29th

B- Got up too late
L- 3 Eggs, 1 sausage pattie, 1 T cheese 7g
D- Loaded Broccoli (Broccoli, Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream) 8 carbs
Snacks: 1 banana 28g, goldfish crackers 23g , 5 hershey's kisses (new york cheesecake style) roughly 12g, 2 String Cheese

Fluids: 4 tall mugs of water, 4 Diet Cokes
Exercise: 15minutes on Elliptical Machine
Total Carbs today: 78g (Still within my range 50-100g)

I can do better tomorrow....goldfish crackers....hershey kisses....

I am feeling pretty good today, slept in, but considering I get maybe 5 hours of sleep on work days, it was needed. I got a lot more accomplished today than I normally do on my day off but I know I can do better. I work tomorrow then am off Sat, then work for a few hours on Sunday. I am a 'workaholic' I can't handle too many days off in a row, I get bored....I like to be involved and active in work. I tried something new today, the loaded broccoli, I've never had anything like that before, and it was actually really good. I found the recipe here: Loaded Broccoli
Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised! Hubby got a loaded baked tater, but I wasn't about to add that many carbs to my day.

On a good note, my cat DeeJay who is the 'queen' is starting to allow Pipsqueek our 8 month old little Siamese kitten to touch her, and to snuggle with her....PROGRESS!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neat Website:

Over at Choosing 2 Lose Lindsay posted this awesome website called Weight View which will do a nip tuck on your pictures showing up to a 50# loss. So I did it with a 50# loss here are my pictures:

Before Me at about 160#

Sunday, January 25, 2009

You are Unstoppable...

I LOVE Woman's World, weekly magazine, I have a subscription. There are often times wonderful articles about weight loss, exercise and lots of yummy recipes as well. I found an interesting quote in the side bar on one of the stories I'd like to share with you:

You are Unstoppable. We all have times when we feel stuck on the road of life, like we'll never get where we want to go, like our "engines" have stalled --possibly for good.

BUT you're just at a rest stop! All you need to do is take a fresh look at your road map (you dreams), refuel (with hope!) and point your "car" in a new direction -- and you'll be on your way!

I found this quote very inspirational not only for life but for weight loss. I think sometimes when we get 'stalled' along our weight loss journey, we need to stop, and look at our 'road map' (our dieting/eating plan), and refuel! I can do this! I have been not so 'motivated' lately even though I'm doing good on the diet, I'm just not as pumped as I was. I don't want this to be like last year where I did good for a few weeks (January) then stopped and gained back more than I had lost. I would love NOTHING more than to reach my goal (150) this year and I KNOW I can do it! I'm refueling with energy and spunk and am going to get there! After all I did just buy a size 16 pants....down from 22 almost a 24! YEAH!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Plans for success

I work full time usually 4-5 days a week, I have to leave for work by 6:15am so since I am SO not a morning person I usually am in a hurry in the mornings to get out the door, so If I am in a hurry and don't have breakfasts/lunches/snacks prepared I end up making horrible choices that are not so diet friendly. A few things I have done to help this is,

1- I prepare both my hubby and I's breakfasts once a week, then freeze them, then all we have to do is grab n go in the morning. I usually have 3 eggs a little bit of cheese and some sausage, stir it all together then in the mornings I microwave and have a little low carb ketchup on it. It's really yummy. For hubby I add about a cup and 1/2 of hash browns.

2- I usually also prepare lunches and snacks for me, my hubby usually takes leftover dinner for his 'lunches'.

So what do you do to 'plan' for success? Now if I could find a way to 'package' exercise, I'd be in great shape....exercise is just NOT my thing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oops....there goes another one....

I had a lot of errands to run today, and my pants are WAY too loose! So I started at a 22 verge of 24 in July 2008, got 18's in November right before Thanksgiving, and now I am ready for a 16! I'm excited! It's been a long haul. I have a VERY VERY favorite pair of pants that look killer on me that are a 12 so I'm getting there! I can't wait to be able to wear them again. It feels great! My only problem is I have a lot of scrub pants that are size 2x and now they are literally falling off of me. It makes me feel good but have to replace them little by little with the $$$ issue.

I am trying the "Carb Smart" icecreams from Breyers (I think) I like to have my little 'sneaky' treats that are still "Low Carb" friendly. I think that's my biggest complaint is having to 'not eat' what are/once were my favorites. My hubby has helped out greatly with this coming up with new ideas. He makes this KILLER Low Carb cheesecakey type dessert that is REALLY yummy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My top "Ate"

Sheila had an awesome post today "My Top Ate" so I'm going to 'borrow' her idea. I have found the more I put things down in typing/writing, the more likely I am to stick to some sort of plan.

Here are my top Eight (aka ATE) reasons not cheat while on a strict eating plan:

1. REGRETS: One of my FAVORITE sayings/mottos when dealing with weight loss is "A moment on your lips, forever on your hips" It is SO true when dealing with the 'sinful' cravings in life. Especially for me, I SO wish I had my brothers metabolisms...they can eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce...the "Sims" girls all inherited slow.....slow....slow....metabolisms....LOL!

2. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Look at how far you have come....40# in 6 months. I have done this 'lost 60#' before and gained it all back because I went off my plan. I am on a roll and am going to keep on it.

3. CARB BLAHS: When I do cheat I feel loaded, bloaded and just 'drained'. My body is Insulin Resistant and Carbs feed insulin which makes thing suffer, so in order to avoid the 'carb blahs' it's best to avoid the carbs in the first place.

4. KETOSIS: If you stick to the plan your body will stay in Ketosis (Fat burning Mode used in Lean for Life Diet). If you keep stuffing your face with 'no no's your body is going to go back into 'fat keeping' mode.

5. ADIPOSE: This is a funny one and one that I CAN NOT get off of my mind. I LOVE the TV Show Dr. Who and they had an episode about "ADIPOSE" which was a pill you could take and the fat would get up and run to the 'nursery' waiting for the mother ship....well I can't 'stuff my face' and NOT think about ADIPOSE.....cute as they may be.

6. INSTANT GRATIFICATION SUCKS: Another favorite saying is "Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment" This stays in my mind when I'm doing my grocery shopping and want to load the cart with bad things. If I load the card with vegetables and protein and healthy foods....what I want most will be within reach in no time!

7. CHILDREN: Although I have no children (other than my fur n feathered kids) I have a STRONG desire to have them. I have been told by several Dr's that this will happen when my body is at it's peak...since I'm insulin resistant the lest 'insulin' I feed my body the better, and I have a better chance of having children if I'm not fat.

8. SELF ESTEEM: I have had horrible self esteem practically my whole life, it got pretty good when I was a sophomore in high school and realized "Hey, I'm pretty dang cute" it was then that I started getting noticed by boys etc, then I got 'fat' after high school and felt pretty bad about myself for about 6 or 7 years until I went on my 'first' round with Lean for Life, felt pretty dang hot n sexy until I gained it all back, I want to feel that way again!


So .... what are your top "ate"?

Cure for the common stress......

On my way home from work, I had a panic/stress/anxiety attack, on top of that add a migraine! OUCH! I was trying to get to the bank and a store before they closed at 7pm (I'm off of work at 6pm) and the line at the bank was MEGA long like 10 people long and moving slow, so my mind starts racing and I start wigging....I made it to both places with time to spare, but had a panicky/anxiety attack on way home (30 minute drive so it had time to brew), so I get home and get online chatting with hubby, he called me immediately and had me break down why I was having the attack and then told me he wanted me to take 15 minutes and get on my elliptical/bike and just exercise. I must admit, I thought that was a strange suggestion. He also told me to pray and ask for relief & I did both. I did 15:15 on my bike and went 2.5 miles while watching an NCIS rerun, and must say I feel much better. What a great suggestion! Thanks hon!

I have to confess I've been HORRIBLE about exercise, it is the one part of my diet/fitness/lifestyle change that is just horrid for me to try and do. I need to just do it. Normally I angle my bike/elliptical so I can watch TV while doing it and that makes the time pass better/faster/easier. I am going to try and shoot for 5 days of exercise each week. I always use the excuse that I am 'active' 4 days a week at work, but that's not enough I need 'guided/structured' exercise.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What's in it for me?

Anytime you diet, or sometimes when you are asked to do something (well I do this with my hubby), I ask "What's in it for me?" I am back on the Lean For Life Diet which is lower carbs (not as low as Atkins) but lower than the 'normal' diet. I am doing GREAT so far am down 6.4# since the beginning of the year. I love it! I have been so slow and stagnant with my weight loss it's nice to see a steady change in the numbers. I have decided to keep in my mind "What's in it for me?" so I can keep my focus for my weight loss. Here are some things that I have been/will benefit from in my weight loss:

1- Able to do my work at 'work' better....I am not as winded going up and down stairs all day --we have 3 flights of stairs at my work and it's a constant thing. I also do a lot of walking around, cleaning etc and I've noticed it's not as hard on me
2- I can go get the mail without having to use my asthma inhaler (it's about 3 buildings of 4 townhomes each) up hill to get our mail. When we first moved here in July I was lazy and drove to get it, then I decided that I needed the exercise
3- Feeling better about myself...yes I like to look good, I don't like to feel and look fat, I have always felt like people are just starting at me and I don't like the judgements
4- Cuter clothes....I'm sorry there just aren't a lot of choices for 'fat people clothes' nowadays. I am a size 16/18 now and my choices are expanding....
5- Healthier overall...I am off my Gastric Reflux medicine, I take an all natural supplement, and have only had like 3 episodes since November.
6- Hopefully I will get pregnant, I have PCOS so the Low Carb diet is REALLY going to help this as Carbohydrates FEED your insulin/glucose levels which is part of the PCOS.
7- My joints don't hurt as bad, I have noticed that even with just 40# gone, my knees don't ache as badly or as often as they did before.

I know there are more....I will add them when I think of them, but what a great list of "What in it for me for my Weight Loss" I'm psyched and pumped....still working on my hubby to get him on the "Weight Loss Bandwagon" it's so much easier when you have someone on it with you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a slacker...

I'm not a slacker I promise :) Just haven't made the time to blog. I've actually been doing extremely well on the Lean For Life Diet, I am down 6# so far! YEAH, that's even with TOM holding me back. It really hasn't been too hard of a struggle, my lunches have been hot dogs with cheese, and I really am enjoying them. I am adding a little more variety. We had pork chops for dinner tonight and they were really yummy. I just need to find the motivation for exercise then I will be in great shape. I have a REALLY hard time 'making' myself exercise. I need to just make it a daily habit like brushing my teeth, and showering. I am excited that I am back to losing weight and am doing good at it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weigh in January 11, 2009

Woot Woot! Today is weigh in day...duh duh duh dum......209.8# My lowest YET! I'm down 40.2# I've lost 4.6# this week, I knew I could do it if I stuck to my plan instead of pigging out :) I'm so excited! Now to stick with it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Low Carb Pasta?

As a pasta addict (we generally have either rice or paste 3-4 times a week) so Low Carbing has been extremely hard to trnasition over too. So I did some research and found which has 5g of "Digestible" Carbs (i.e. the carbs that directly affect your Blood Glucose levels. I am so Excited! I went to Smiths Marketplace tonight and they carry it! I've been looking all over for it, so this is quite a happy find for me :).

Now if I can just find "Low Carb" rice and popcorn.

Things have been going very well for me, I went to the Dr yesterday and I have a 'viral sinus infection/head cold'. He suggested I rinse my sinuses out 5-6 times a day w/saline solution followed by spraying Colloidal Silver up my nose. I have been doing this for 24 hours and am already feeling better. I was getting quite worried as I have been pretty sick, coughing up small amount of blood etc. He said that was from my throat irritation from excessive sinus drainage.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday January 6th

Today was a hard day at work, I a sick, I have a sinus infection, and am coughing up a small amount of blood, since I already had a follow up appointment with the doctor tomorrow, I just called to make sure it was okay to lengthen it. My left ear also started feeling warm, and is achy so I'm sure I have an ear infection on top of that. Work today was hard, my little brother comes in and helps out when I am there alone, I do the cleaning, and he helps the customers/answers the phones etc. So today I cleaned rooms, cleaned, cages, cleaned townhouses (kitty that is), and then bathed 5 dogs for my sister to make things easier on her as well, it was no wonder I had a hard time, I'm under the weather. No exercise today as I really have a hard time when I'm sick, but I think I go all my exercising in at work ;). Then when I got home there was a van in my parking spot, this happens about 1-2 times a aweek, it's not always the same person, but usually it's a 'spiral effect' one person parks in someone elses spot then they take someone elses gets SO frustrating, especially when the 'visitor' parking spaces are snow packed and hard to get into. This is one of my BIGGEST gripes about living in a townhouse complex.

My meals:
Breakfast: 2 Servings Egg Beaters 2g, Cheese 1g, 1 T Low Carb Ketchup 1g, 1 Sausage Patty
Lunch: Salmon Patty 2g, Salad w/dressing 1g, Cucumber
Dinner: Salmon Patty 2g, Green Beans 5g, Salad w/dressing 5g
Snacks: 2 String Cheese, 2 Turkey Slices, 2 Low Fat Cheese, 1 Bag Popcorn
Total Carbs:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's Menu

Keeping Track:

Breakfast: 2 Servings Egg Beaters 2g
Cheese 1g
1 Orange 14g

Lunch: 2 Hot Dogs (6g) w/2 slices low fat cheese (4g)

Dinner: Chicken Breast 0g
Green Salad 0g
Green Beans seasoned w/lemon butter: 5g

Snacks: Fat Free Turkey Breast Slices x3 0g
3 String Cheese <1g each so guessing maybe 1.5g total?
1/2 serving of Jelly Bellies 18.5#

Total Carbs: 52g

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Key to your success is in your hands!

I get the "Daily Motivation" delivered to my inbox each day. Todays is SO good, it applies not only to 'life' but to our weightloss journeys as well.


You cannot do everything, but you can do something.

Only you can make it happen.
No one can do it for you.
No one will do it for you.

Always accept the responsibility for your actions.
Always set a higher standard for yourself.

Choose the thoughts and actions that will lead
you on to success.

Your success is but a determined action away

Copyright 2007 Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.

The Subliminal Messages

I think every one of us who has ever gone on a diet, plays the 'psych' game and gets the subliminal messages from your conscious. For example, I am now on Lean For Life (Lower Carb) and have done EXTREMELY well so far, all things considered, well tonight after I got home from work, I had a couple protein snacks (cheese, and a hotdog), and was watching TV, and I was still hungry (hadn't eaten dinner yet), so my mind start's telling me "A little bag of popcorn won't hurt, those M&M's won't hurt......ARGH! So after fighting the 'subconscious' for a while, and drinking lots of water, I decided I better cook some dinner :) So I had some Peanut Ginger Marinated Kielbasa and Meatballs. YUMMO!

Glad I won this time, I more often than not, give in to my cravings and end up eating the Popcorn, M&M's or whatever else my mind is telling me to eat at the moment.

How do you overcome those 'messages?' from your conscious? What helps you out? What cal,s your hunger?

Friday, January 2, 2009


Getting support while you are losing weight is one of the hardest things. My hubby is in full support of my weight loss journey (as he eats his Charleston Chews, Milk Duds, Potato Chips etc), but it's nice to have 'others' who are in your same boat to support you. I don't have a lot of friends IRL (because I stay in my comfort zone and don't 'push' myself outside the box), mostly just family and the handful of coworkers so online friends are it. I joined a WONDERFUL forum last January 08, was active for about a month then quit...then I wonder why I ballooned to my highest weight of 250. I re-activated in July of last year, and have been active ever since, and losing weight ever since. Every day the wonderful ladies, and a few men make me laugh, smile, cry, motivate me, and just make me wanna be a better person. It is
If you are looking for a fun, relaxed environment with almost monthly challenges to keep you on your toes, give Choosing 2 Lose a try! I know I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am without their support.

Right now we have an awesome challenge going on called the 2009 is Mine Challenge. We are divided into teams by weight ranges, so we aren't competing against the toothpicks (sorry gals.... :), but those who are at your same weight range. I love the challenges I've joined on C2L, I can always do better, and I plan on kicking butt in this challenge!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year...New RESOLVE

Starting Weight for 2009 is 212.2# My highest in 2008 was in July and it was 250#, which means I have lost 37.8# in 2008! While I have done well in my diet, I can do better! My goal for 2009 is to get to my 'ideal' weight which is 150# (subject to change as my range is (127-159) I just have to see how I feel when I get there. Which is one reason I am switching from Weight Watchers to "Lean for Life" I have been told by my Dr that I need Low Carb for my PCOS, as the Carbs feed the insulin keeping it unstable. So while I'm not going extreme, I am going Lower Carb and after about a week with a few cheats, I'm feeling better already. I need to do better and not give in to's hard. I lost my 14.5 year old cat on Monday due to a tumor, so it's been a really tough week. It'll get better!