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Sunday, January 25, 2009

You are Unstoppable...

I LOVE Woman's World, weekly magazine, I have a subscription. There are often times wonderful articles about weight loss, exercise and lots of yummy recipes as well. I found an interesting quote in the side bar on one of the stories I'd like to share with you:

You are Unstoppable. We all have times when we feel stuck on the road of life, like we'll never get where we want to go, like our "engines" have stalled --possibly for good.

BUT you're just at a rest stop! All you need to do is take a fresh look at your road map (you dreams), refuel (with hope!) and point your "car" in a new direction -- and you'll be on your way!

I found this quote very inspirational not only for life but for weight loss. I think sometimes when we get 'stalled' along our weight loss journey, we need to stop, and look at our 'road map' (our dieting/eating plan), and refuel! I can do this! I have been not so 'motivated' lately even though I'm doing good on the diet, I'm just not as pumped as I was. I don't want this to be like last year where I did good for a few weeks (January) then stopped and gained back more than I had lost. I would love NOTHING more than to reach my goal (150) this year and I KNOW I can do it! I'm refueling with energy and spunk and am going to get there! After all I did just buy a size 16 pants....down from 22 almost a 24! YEAH!

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