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Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29th

I've got to start keeping track of what I eat, so I have some form of 'accountability' for what I put into my mouth. I have been way too lax lately, causing a gain of WAY too much this week, so I am determined to do this!

Thursday Jan 29th

B- Got up too late
L- 3 Eggs, 1 sausage pattie, 1 T cheese 7g
D- Loaded Broccoli (Broccoli, Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream) 8 carbs
Snacks: 1 banana 28g, goldfish crackers 23g , 5 hershey's kisses (new york cheesecake style) roughly 12g, 2 String Cheese

Fluids: 4 tall mugs of water, 4 Diet Cokes
Exercise: 15minutes on Elliptical Machine
Total Carbs today: 78g (Still within my range 50-100g)

I can do better tomorrow....goldfish crackers....hershey kisses....

I am feeling pretty good today, slept in, but considering I get maybe 5 hours of sleep on work days, it was needed. I got a lot more accomplished today than I normally do on my day off but I know I can do better. I work tomorrow then am off Sat, then work for a few hours on Sunday. I am a 'workaholic' I can't handle too many days off in a row, I get bored....I like to be involved and active in work. I tried something new today, the loaded broccoli, I've never had anything like that before, and it was actually really good. I found the recipe here: Loaded Broccoli
Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised! Hubby got a loaded baked tater, but I wasn't about to add that many carbs to my day.

On a good note, my cat DeeJay who is the 'queen' is starting to allow Pipsqueek our 8 month old little Siamese kitten to touch her, and to snuggle with her....PROGRESS!

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