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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fabulous N Fit by Fall Week 2 Checkin

Name: Heather T (No Time To Weight)
Pounds Lost This Week: .2# (not bad for being out of town)
Total FNF Challenge Pounds Lost:2# total (209.8#)
NSV's This week: I stayed pretty much on plan while I was out of town, having only 1 cheat!
Day's Exercised: 4, I was sick
Inches Lost (optional): Didn't Measure but did today so we can see next week's loss.
This Week's Motivation: My motivation this week was a website/blog, this guy has lost 200# in about a year and a half! Amazing!
Weekly Summary: It went well this week, especially for being sick and being out of town.
Room for Improvement for next week: Less 'crap' foods when at home, more exercise. Got to get back into the routine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you Serious????

Today I made a quick trip to walmart to pick up some stuff, and I always end up getting a cold drink out of the end displays...well I LOVE Sunkist, so I grabbed a regular one as Walmart very rarely has the Diet Sunkist in the little bottles up front, as that's what I was craving at the moment. Anyways I was looking at the bottle after I had drank some and OMG....what a shocking moment that was!

Calories in 1 cup (8oz) 130
Calories in 1 Bottle 320

Holy cow! Can you say that is about a meal? Good grief! That was definitely a learning experience! Check those labels! What I have done in my 'diet coke' buy the 2 liter bottles and then fill 20oz bottles to take to work with me, it ends up being cheaper than can's that way. I usually buy the Walmart brand "Sam's Cola Zero Calorie" unless Diet Coke is on sale (79 cents is a good buy for me), then I get the Coke Zero. Anyways this has got me thinking about 'serving' sizes as well, as I know oftentimes we are in a rush, routine or whatever you want to call it and end up eating/drinking more than we should.

Here is an informative article I found all about Portion sizes:

Portion control and knowing what a portion or serving size looks like is so essential for not only losing weight, but also maintaining your weight. Did you know that there are some basic ways that you can remember what a portion size looks like, or be able to assess how many portions you are about to eat? Too often we eat without measuring, therefore we might think we are eating sensibly, but in actuality we are taking in double or even triple the serving size. Below is a fun and easy guide to refer to for identifying one serving!

Use these comparisons to keep your portions in check. (

  • A baseball or size of your fist- would be one serving of vegetables or fruit
  • Tennis ball- measures to about ½ cup of food (for example, ½ cup ice cream)
  • Golf ball or large egg- is about a ¼ cup of dried fruit or nuts
  • Six dice or one domino- would equal one serving of cheese
  • Deck of cards or the palm of your hand- equivalent to a serving of meat, fish or poultry
  • Tip of your thumb- about one-teaspoon of peanut butter
  • Computer mouse- one serving of a baked potato
  • CD (compact disc)- equals the serving size of a waffle of pancake
  • Check book- equals a 3 oz. serving of fish
  • A rounded handful- about one half cup cooked or raw veggies or cut fruit, a piece of fruit, or ½ cup of cooked rice or pasta

Other friendly tips:
1. Look at your plate of food. Roughly half of your plate should be full of vegetables, one-quarter should be your protein, and the last one-quarter should be your starch.

2. Read food labels. Every one of them displays the serving size. It’s usually not one entire package.

Here is another one that shows serving sizes using your hands as a guide:

I am going to print both these charts up, laminate them and put them on my fridge and in my lunch bag so I can have them at work!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Inspirational Site

This blog was shared with me on a forum, and I've been reading it all week! I am quite motivated by him, he has lost 200# since Jan 08 with diet, and exercise. He reminds me a lot of my hubby. Anyways I just wanted to share this motivational blog.

Back to the Grind

Well I got back yesterday. It has been a long week, lots of fun. It rained pretty much every day which DOES NOT make an outdoor show very fun. Especially when you have poodles! Although it did hold off pretty much for the times she was showing, although some breeds were not so lucky! Jewel is a pretty girl, she's very refined. Here are some pictures of her on Sunday. I am still not feeling 100% with my sinus infection still draining crud (it's yellow now), so I'll be talking to my Dr. again. I have today off, and go back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, my staff is not as efficient as I would like them to be so whenever I take time off it is very frustrating to go back to work and trying to sort things out, my main receptionist apparantly called in sick on Friday...AGAIN! I've got to talk to her on Friday about her attendance AGAIN! Anyways back to the grind, back to the diet, and back to lots of laundry and catching up on housework...if I can pull myself away from the show "The Closer" I LOVE that show. I pick up my kids from the pet resort tomorrow and hopefully they have missed me :) I can't wait to get back to walking my golden retriever. We found out this weekend, that my 8 month old golden retriever has Diabetes Insipidus (which is water diabetes), she can't concentrate her urine (process it properly) which is why she drinks/pees so much. So she has to get shots everyday, you can do eye drops, but apparantly that isn't going to work for her as she fights it going into her eye, so I get to give her a shot every day. I've only had her for 2 months and she was a rescue (she needs surgery on her shoulder). But apparantly as usual, my animals sure know how to pick me :) My dad is a veterinarian so it makes for easy treatment of my 'medically' challenged kids.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Eating on the go....

I am writing this from the hotel, here's a few things I have learned. Double CONFIRM that there will be a fridge/microwave accessible! They told me on the phone there was one, but not when I got here and it was midnight so I was exhausted and not about to hotel hunt, so I had to go buy a cooler (that says it keeps food cool for 5 days) and a microwave. My sister wants me to go to dog shows a lot for her, so I'll just 'pack' the cooler and the microwave in the future.

Things are going well on the diet front. Having breakfast bowls with a piece of fruit for breakfast, a wrap (using those flat out wraps from walmart), with lean meats, cheese, and lettuce, then 100 calorie rice crispie treats (yummo), and then a Lean Gourmet for dinner with a salad and a piece of fruit. For snacks I did some veggies, and then some 100 calorie snack things

As for the dog's raining, and an outdoor show and they are STILL going on with the show....oh the joy! It was hailing earlier today. Luckily, my friends motor home is like right across from the rings so we can watch to see when we are up. Here is the dog I'm showing:

So I

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hotel Meal Ideas???

I am going out of town on Wednesday until Sunday, and will have fridge/micro in room. During the day I will be spending the day in a motorhome with my friend will have access to her fridge. I am looking for easy and fairly inexpensive 'healthy/diety' type meals/snacks to take.

My thinking is Breakfast Bowls (egg beaters, bacon bits etc) for breakfasts, Lunches I was thinking Deli Meat Wraps, and Dinners I'm stumped but was thinking maybe Lean Cuisine or something? Anyone have any other 'easy' hotel meal ideas?

Right now I'm doing lower carb/calorie counting.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CC 4th of July Challenge Check In/Family Challenge Checkin

Name: Heather
Pounds Lost this Week: 1.8# (But have gained since last check in
Total Challenge Pounds Lost: 0 Right now (I'm up to 210.0# started at 209.6#)
NSV's: Did reasonably well being sick this week
Weekly Summary: It was an AWFUL week, I have been really sick with a sinus infection/chest/head cold, feverish and everything, so have been eating lots of comfort foods.
Strategies for Success for the Coming Week: Getting back on plan, and exercising again, haven't felt well enough to exercise that much this week.

My Family is also doing a "Biggest Loser" challenge. We all have to pay $50.00 entrance fee, then the winner at the end of the challenge gets the entry fees. It ends in September.
Starting (Last week) Weight: 211.8#
This week Weight: 210.0#

I have a fever today (100.8) but I think it just broke, I need to go check it, I've been feeling better today but I tend to get worse at night. I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon which was MUCH needed. I'm hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to exercise some.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Still alive...I think.....

UGH! I got sicker yesterday! I have fluid behind my right ear, and my entire right side of my neck is extremely tender and painful. My sinuses are KILLING me, and my ear hurts. I picked up some homeopathic ear drops, am taking antibiotics, and flushing my sinuses with saline 4-5 times a day following up with a spritz of colloidal silver up my nose. I have yet to get back on the diet, still just eating comfort foods....dang it! I wish I felt better. Hubby really wanted me to stay home today but I was basically the only one who could do what I do at work (I'm the Pet Groomer) and I had a HUGE dog to do today....
Here are a couple dogs who are members of our "Pet Shedder's Anonymous Program"
Sadie is the first one she is a Husky/German Shepherd mix, and then Yoshi is the 2nd one he's the one I did today, I spent probably at least an hour brushing him/de-shedding him. I got an entire garbage can full of hair out of him....his owners have his treatment done about every 3 months and it reduces his shedding about 80% at home!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Update

Not doing so hot this week....will get my scale photo posted soon for the Fabulous N Fit Challenge I just have been dealing with a very sick hubby, he has asthma severely so when he gets sick it usually is 10x worse than a normal person. He has had the flu as I have the past few days, got it from a worker of his who decided to stay/go to work even though he was sick...wasn't that nice of him, it's all I have been able to do to go to work and such. My work is very short staffed and I'm a manager so can't really afford to take 'sick' days a lot. Anyways this week has been stressful, and tom, so my weight has ballooned. UGH! But starting tomorrow I'm back on plan and detoxing to get rid of this water/bad eating weight. I'm sick of the yo-yoing I've been losing the same 12# over and over since Christmas...time for a change...a new front is on the horizon!