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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hotel Meal Ideas???

I am going out of town on Wednesday until Sunday, and will have fridge/micro in room. During the day I will be spending the day in a motorhome with my friend will have access to her fridge. I am looking for easy and fairly inexpensive 'healthy/diety' type meals/snacks to take.

My thinking is Breakfast Bowls (egg beaters, bacon bits etc) for breakfasts, Lunches I was thinking Deli Meat Wraps, and Dinners I'm stumped but was thinking maybe Lean Cuisine or something? Anyone have any other 'easy' hotel meal ideas?

Right now I'm doing lower carb/calorie counting.


Lisa said...

If you do the lean cuisine meals, make sure you take fresh veggies and fruits too... You can have them pre-cut up in bags to make it easy to serve up.

Cottage cheese, nuts, or hard boiled eggs will be good choices for your protein without having to drag alot of meat along with you.

Mrs. Sheila said...

Definately portioned out things like nuts, fruits, veggies, cheese, and what about some hummus to dipin your veggies? Another thing is those single portions of peanut butters (I think they are made by Jiff) and either some rice cakes, whole grain crackers. I know those are more "snack" type items then meals ~ but ... when I am away I tend to snack more throughout my day, especially being away from home at night. For dinner ~ I would whip up some fajitas and take it with me then all I had to do was heat up the meat, load the torts w/ veggies and whatnot and boom! :)

Lucrecia said...

I'm sorry you have been sick! Congrats on your FnF loss this week!

Already cut up veggies are a great snack, I also like to have string cheese as a small treat. I'm big on Hebrew National hot dogs right now, they aren't full of the junk and are really filling! Love the idea of the wraps, one of my favorite things!

Tiffany said...

Don't have any new ideas to add. Just came across your blog and am inspired by your progress.

Lisa said...

I love the smart ones by weight watcher, frozen meals and snacks. You can really eat anything, it is all portion control.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I run for the nearest diner and save the leftovers :o) so I can't be of any help to this post, sigh. But hey, I love the adorable pictures of the doggies (in your previous post) aw, it makes me wanna have a fur baby!!