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Friday, June 25, 2010

Achieving My Destiny.....

Weight: Down! Will post once a week on Wednesdays :-)
Breakfast: Bagel w/cream cheese, banana
Snack: Turkey Hot Dog, 1 slice Velveeta Cheese
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad, Cucumbers, Cheese, Light Ranch Dressing
Snack: Cucumber slices, 2 Slices Velveeta Cheese
Dinner: Stroganoff, Corn, Garden Salad
Water: Yep got it all in and then some!
Exercise: Zumba 20 Minute Express

"Your Destiny will be achieved when you plan your journey!" Julia Griggs Harvey
I really like that quote, as how can you know where you are going if you don't plan it? Just like you need a road map to go on a trip, you need a roadmap for your dieting journey. My #1 Vice right now is probably Diet Coke w/splenda, and you may be thinking, well it's diet so that's okay....well in moderation maybe....but I drink 6 cans a day, which is way too much for the caffeine part. So that is my #1 Vice I am going to be working on replacing Diet Coke w/Water, so far so good...only had 1 can today. Rather than trying to change everything about me overnight, I am taking this one step at a time, one action at a time...I really like that philosophy. I know in the past I have failed miserably at dieting and weight loss because I try to bite off more than I can chew. I am also starting to create a vision of things to come....not just the weight loss but how I will feel and act, and the things I will do when I lose the weight. You don't have to have the perfect body to start visualizing who you want to become. I did struggle a little today with doing the exercise....I had a very long day at work, groomed incredibly hard huge dogs, and was just beat....but I can't start making up excuses in week 1 so I did exercise.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Life I Want!

Current Picture of myself:
Will be posted later tonight:

This is a picture of the life I want :
135# (My FINAL Goal Weight for a healthy BMI)

***No this isn't me (above in the bikini) but she weighs 135# which is my goal weight and where I am going to be!

I want to tell you a story about a person. This person is a very happy person, she loves life, and lives to be happy, she is active indoors and out. She is friendly, outgoing and enjoys motivating everyone she meets with her enthusiasm and spark for life. She loves to be seen in public and enjoys meeting people. She eats a healthy balanced diet all things in moderation. She makes healthy eating choices like they are 2nd nature, not having to think about treats and temptations that will throw her off the beaten path. She is extremely happy in her marriage, and is married to her best friend, she is a great mother to her children. This story is about the ME I am going to be!

How much water is adequate for me to drink each day? Weight 232#/2= 116 targeted ounces of water each day.

I am feeling great today, still feeling the exercise burn (good thing though) in my legs/thighs which makes bending/sitting/climbing stairs slightly uncomfortable, but I am excited as it means my muscles were worked and are going to get stronger! YEAH ME! Today for exercise I am going to probably work on some balance exercises on the Wii Fit, tomorrow I will be doing the Wii EA Active Sports workout again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new Adventure

I have begun an new adventure on my path to health and fitness, and I am really excited about it. It is called the "Vice Busting Diet"
I am on day 2 today and am really excited about it. It is more of a 'change the way you think' type of plan by taking your 'vices' and replacing them with healthy habits. You can sign up for free and get access to sound clips, an E-Book, a couple of workbooks etc all for free! Or there is a book available. You also have a daily affirmation that you read out loud twice a day
"I believe in my ability to improve my health, my attitude and my life. I am worthy of the best that life has to offer and today I have the opportunity to get closer to realizing my dreams and goals."

Anyways I am going to be sharing some of the things I will be doing in the workbook as well as how I am doing on giving up my you can't guess my first vice to go will be "Diet Coke" while not as bad as regular coke, I am addicted and the caffeine isn't that good for my body!

Anyways here is excerpts from Day 1
This week's goal is to be 'busting' soft drinks. Todays goals are to get several water bottles and always have a water bottle with you when you leave the house, pop tops are the best as they are the easiest to get water from. You should have a water bottle within reach at all times in the bedroom, at your office, in the car, wherever. I like how it's not focusing on what you're eating or exercise, but will be getting to's all about making SLOW changes over time, so as not to get discouraged or overwhelmed with losing weight. I LOVE IT!

Todays Actions:
Step 1: Carry & Drink from a water bottle throughout the day...everyday!
List 10 Adjectives that you feel now descrbies yourself"
1- Fat 2- Ugly 3- Miserable 4- Disgusting 5- Lazy 6- Compassionate 7- Caring 8- Crafty 9- Loving 10- Chunky
These are mostly words that describe my BODY not ME. You have to start choosing your words wisely, for what you say about yourself is a reflection of what you think of yourself. In this we are going to be changing our thoughts to believe in ourself and our abilities.
Now 10 Adjectives that would positively describe ME:
1- Compassionate 2- Caring 3- Crafty 4- Loving 5- Fun 6- Helpful 7- Sharing 8- Considerate 9- Beautiful 10- Bright
The mindset is that your body does not have to be a reflection of the person YOU are.

Now mind you, I am making changes along the way by exercising and eating better foods, so I am doing that.

What was positive about today? Finding The Vice Busting Diet, realizing that my body doesn't have to describe who I am, made me feel better about myself. I also exercised today, although my body is achy and I can feel the difference in the front of my thighs and calves, but it is a good feeling to know I am working to improve myself.

What one or two things can I do tomorrow to make it a more positive day? Remember who I am, and that I am worth it, Find projects at work to stay busy :-)

PM AFFIRMATION: "I am thankful for today and the chance I had to improve my life. I forgive myself for any shortcomings I may have had, and I look forward to the opportunity that tomorrow brings to take action toward my goals."

Loving the Wii Fit!

I am LOVING the Wii Fit Plus! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the EA Active Sports Workout, you work with a personal trainer and it's realistic, like if you're not doing something right she/he will tell you how to correct it, or what a good job you are doing. I have done the workout 2 days in a row now and both days were completely different workouts, so it won't be the same repetitive boring thing every day. I also love the Wii Fit Plus workouts where you get to chose, but like the 'already made' for you workout in the EA Active. Anyways just wanted to share, I am loving it. I am scheduled to do the EA Sports Workout 4 days a week, and hope to do some Wii Fit Plus workouts on the off days, even if it's just a little like working on my balance etc so I can improve that, either that or I thought of doing WATP on my 'off' days so I'm still active but not working out so hard (does that make sense?). Rob is afraid it is going to collect dust after the excitement wears off...I hope not, I'm trying to stay motivated and going to do this---this time :-) I would LOVE to be skinnier by New Year's!

My Measurements June 23, 2010

Here are my measurements (scary as they may be), am going to be exercising at least 4 days a week with the Wii Fit and hopefully I will FINALLY see these inches go down. (I know these are SCARY measurements).

Bust: 43 & 3/4"
Chest: 37"
Waist: 38"
Hip: 53 & 1/2"
Thigh: Right: 32" Left 32"
Calves: Right 21 & 1/2" Left: 22 & 1/2"
Upper Arm: Right 15 & 1/2" Left 16 & 1/2"

Wish me luck! I will come back once a month to update the stats with lower numbers each month! (At least that is my plan).

It is me again...

Bet you had thought I had given up on my journey....not quite just took a bit of a detour but have received a new spark to my motivation.  Hubby finally broke down and got us a Wii he saw how much I enjoed playing the EA Active sports and this morning we went to walmart and picked up the Wii Fit.  I completed 2 workouts and a few games on the wii fit plus and boy am I feeling it.  Never thought a workout could be fun...and challenging on a game console.

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