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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loving the Wii Fit!

I am LOVING the Wii Fit Plus! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the EA Active Sports Workout, you work with a personal trainer and it's realistic, like if you're not doing something right she/he will tell you how to correct it, or what a good job you are doing. I have done the workout 2 days in a row now and both days were completely different workouts, so it won't be the same repetitive boring thing every day. I also love the Wii Fit Plus workouts where you get to chose, but like the 'already made' for you workout in the EA Active. Anyways just wanted to share, I am loving it. I am scheduled to do the EA Sports Workout 4 days a week, and hope to do some Wii Fit Plus workouts on the off days, even if it's just a little like working on my balance etc so I can improve that, either that or I thought of doing WATP on my 'off' days so I'm still active but not working out so hard (does that make sense?). Rob is afraid it is going to collect dust after the excitement wears off...I hope not, I'm trying to stay motivated and going to do this---this time :-) I would LOVE to be skinnier by New Year's!

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