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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Life I Want!

Current Picture of myself:
Will be posted later tonight:

This is a picture of the life I want :
135# (My FINAL Goal Weight for a healthy BMI)

***No this isn't me (above in the bikini) but she weighs 135# which is my goal weight and where I am going to be!

I want to tell you a story about a person. This person is a very happy person, she loves life, and lives to be happy, she is active indoors and out. She is friendly, outgoing and enjoys motivating everyone she meets with her enthusiasm and spark for life. She loves to be seen in public and enjoys meeting people. She eats a healthy balanced diet all things in moderation. She makes healthy eating choices like they are 2nd nature, not having to think about treats and temptations that will throw her off the beaten path. She is extremely happy in her marriage, and is married to her best friend, she is a great mother to her children. This story is about the ME I am going to be!

How much water is adequate for me to drink each day? Weight 232#/2= 116 targeted ounces of water each day.

I am feeling great today, still feeling the exercise burn (good thing though) in my legs/thighs which makes bending/sitting/climbing stairs slightly uncomfortable, but I am excited as it means my muscles were worked and are going to get stronger! YEAH ME! Today for exercise I am going to probably work on some balance exercises on the Wii Fit, tomorrow I will be doing the Wii EA Active Sports workout again.

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Andrea said...

Heather, you will get visualization at a time! I really like Jon Gabriel's method on visualiing yourself thin. It makes SO much sense because if you do not see yourself in your ideal body, how will you ever get there. I think you're doing great, lady! One step at a time!