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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FLYing again & getting back on track....

LONG TIME NO SEE, ha ha....Have been working on FLYing today , and have rebooted my laundry 3x so far (even folded/put away in actual drawers & closet lol 2 laundry baskets worth, working on shining sink now (1 side is soaking), have done 2 loads of dishes in dishwasher, cleaned/scrubbed removed rust off the counter (thank-you Barkeepers friend & CLR) & cleaned maybe 1/4 of the counter, 2 loads of garbage dumpster :-)

I am SUPER Motivated all of the sudden, we went and saw the Dr today for a followup on Rob, he is still concerned about things but was VERY happy & pleased to hear of our diet change & the weight Rob has lost since August (30#), he would be less but he hasn't been taking his water pills the past week because he hasn't felt good. He does want him to start exercising, so he put me in charge of 'motivation & support' to get Rob to exercise....he's still hurting with his joints, but I think exercise will help that, as well as losing more weight.

I found an app for my android phone that's a checklist and it has really helped motivate me to do things, like yesterday and today I actually have drank more water than Diet Shasta w/splenda which is a MAJOR shock. Yesterday was even stressful and I usually rely on Diet Shasta for that.....but doing great! Have even put 15 minutes of Loving Movement (Exercise) on my daily to do list so that's helping keep me motivated as well. I hope everyone is doing great.