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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sizzling for Summer 2 Week Menu Plan

Challenge Week 1:

April 1st Prep Day #1

B: 2 Eggs, 2 Pieces of Deli Ham, 1 Slice whole wheat toast, 1 Morning Spark Orange Juice

L: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Green Salad w/dressing, Orange

D: Salmon Patty, Baked potato sour cream, butter, Green salad, apple

Snacks: Cheese sticks, lean deli meats, lower carb yogurt

April 2nd Prep Day #2

B: 2 Eggs, 2 Pieces of Deli Ham, 1 Slice whole wheat toast, 1 Morning Spark Orange Juice

L: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Green Salad w/dressing, Orange

D: Salmon Patty, Baked potato sour cream, butter, Green salad, apple

Snacks: Cheese sticks, lean deli meats, lower carb yogurt

April 3rd Prep Day #3

B: 2 Eggs, 2 Pieces of Deli Ham, 1 Slice whole wheat toast, 1 Morning Spark Orange Juice

L: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Green Salad w/dressing, Orange

D: Salmon Patty, Baked potato sour cream, butter, Green salad, apple

Snacks: Cheese sticks, lean deli meats, lower carb yogurt

April 4th Protein Day #1

B: 1 Egg

L: 2 ½ oz Tuna Fish

D: 3 ½ oz Chicken Breast

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 5th Protein Day #2

B: 1 Egg

L: 2 ½ oz Tuna Fish

D: 3 ½ oz Chicken Breast

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 6th Protein Day #3

B: 1 Egg

L: 2 ½ oz Tuna Fish

D: 3 ½ oz Chicken Breast

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 7th Weight Loss Day #1

B: Eggbeaters, Apple

L: Salmon Patty, Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Chicken, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

Challenge Week 2:

April 8th Weight Loss Day #2

B: Eggbeaters, Orange

L: Salmon Patty, Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Chicken, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

April 9th Weight Loss Day #3

B: 2 Hot Dog Links, Apple

L: 2 ½ oz cold cuts Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Beef, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 10th Weight Loss Day #4

B: 2 Hot Dog Links, Orange

L: Tuna Fish, Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Pork Chops, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 11th Weight Loss Day #5

B: Eggbeaters, Orange

L: Salmon Patty, Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Chicken, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

April 12th Weight Loss Day #6

B: 2 Hot Dog Links, Apple

L: 2 ½ oz cold cuts Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Beef, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 13th Weight Loss Day #7

B: 2 Hot Dog Links, Orange

L: 2 ½ oz cold cuts Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Pork Chops, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

April 14th Weight Loss Day #8

B: Eggbeaters, Orange

L: Salmon Patty, Mixed Veggies steamed, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

D: Chicken, Green Beans, Orange, Green Salad Low Carb Dressing

Sizzling For Summer Challenge Before Pictures

I am wearing a size 16 pants, but am *almost* ready for next size down, if my butt were a little they are quite lose around my belly.
Excuse the face, I'm mega breaking out right now, never had acne as a teen had baby smooth skin, but since I was in my late 20's I can't seem to get a grip on it. DARN PCOS!

Left Side & Right Side

My Ghetto Booty....seriously my BIGGEST problem area is my butt, thighs and tummy

Front shot

Sizzling For Summer Challenge Begins Tomorrow

I'm a challenge Junkie, so have joined Sheila's Sizzling for Summer Challenge
I join challenges and try to give it my all, but lately I've been 'giving in' to that evil voice on my shoulder. I am DETERMINED to kick the voice to the curb. I blew up my exercise ball tonight --I have 2 of them one that I bought with Core Secrets by Gunner Peterson, and then one that I got with one of Leslie Sansone's DVD's, since my abdomen is my MEGA problem area, I've decided I've GOT to start working on it.
My mission for this challenge is two fold.

1- To get BACK on track which means yet another 'start' over. I am going to start fresh with the 3 prep days even because I just need this kick in the pants. I am starting Lean for Life/Rite Aid Weight Loss plan TOMORROW AGAIN I think this is like the 10th time this year.
2- To incorporate some sort of Routine exercise program. I have at least 10 exercise dvd's and would REALLY like to get my money's worth out of them instead of them collecting dust. So I will be working on this as I get a feel for which ones I like etc. And I also have an elliptical machine that I can be using as well. I would like to maybe do like every other day Walk At Home DVD, then maybe do some Core Training/Ball Training and also add the elliptical machine in there, so I've got to come up with a routine, and hopefully will be able to do so in the next week, stay tuned..... I have 3 days off a week so maybe what I could do is WATP on my work days, then do WATP and a Ball DVD on my off days
My weight loss goal for this challenge is 15# that is doable if I keep at it. That's a little less than 2# a week. If I put my mind to it, and put my whole heart into it I can do it.

So I do have a confession to weigh in in the morning is NOT going to be pretty....I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (my sister's treat) and had WAY too many Peanuts, had a steak, salad and loaded baked potatoe. NOT the best choice....I can't help it my Aunt Flo is visiting and my first few days are always KILLER on my diet. UGH! I'm sure I'll probably cry when I get on there....that's okay next week is going to be better.

Talking About it on Tuesday

Today, I'm beat, I went home early from work yesterday worked on the house some, made some more Kitty Krazies Catnip toys, and then Rob set up my new laptop (which we only ordered like a month and a half ago (valentines day to be exact) BEFORE Rob's hours were cut). It FINALLY came yesterday so he spent the evening getting Windows put on it, and then Installing Linux on it as the Operating System. I will use a virtual machine for windows as I HATE using Windows. Anyways we watching some movies, I was tired but didn't want to go to bed without him and he was in 'the mode' to finish it, he told me 1/2 an hour so I laid on the couch and fell asleep, woke up when my alarm on my phone went off this morning at 5:00am and Rob was STILL up messing with my laptop. He was 'obsessing' he says. Goodness somedays....So I sent him to bed! He has to work today the bugger! I am going out to the Texas Roadhouse this evening with my family, my sister is taking us all out to dinner for her 'monthly' Family dinner. We take turns doing Family Dinners, and since she's still single (39) she spoils EVERYONE and always pays for everyone to go out to eat at a restaurant, inlaws included.

As for the diet front, I need another kick in the pants to get me started. My cousin gave me her mountain bike like 2 years ago and it is still sitting at work, I SO need to take it home to start using, that's one exercise I don't mind doing is biking. Now that my living room is clean I have no excuses NOT to do the WATP Dvd's I've been using the excuse "My office" is messy I can't do it in there, there isn't any room. So now that I have ended 'CHAOS' (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) on at least my main more excuses! I was VERY excited as my Visiting Teachers from Church want to come over and for the first time in a long time, I don't have to make excuses because I'm too embarassed about the 'cluttered' house. YEAH! Feels so good, it is definitely motivating to have a nice clean house (main level only so far) and to be able to come home and not stress about it, not sit on couch 'thinking' I should get up and clean as it's clean. I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be my "Home Blessing Hour" where I go through and sweep/mop, vacuum dust etc, but you are supposed to be able to get it all done in an hour, which should be NO problem if I continue to "FLY" each day. I think the Flylady thing is definitely keeping me more on track with the diet as well.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I am having an incredibly hard time eating breakfast any more, not sure why or what's up but I'm seriously not hungry (feel full) until 11:30 or 12:00 most mornings. Not sure why or what I can do, but it seriously almost makes me nauseated just to think about eating food when I feel that full. I have been trying to do at least maybe 1 hot dog link or string cheese so I have something in my tummy, but it's not working out so I plain and simply am not hungry. I have pills I have to take in the mornings but I have to have A LOT in my belly or I get sick, so I've been eating them at lunch time. Some days I'm not even hungry until 4 or 5pm. I know I need to and should eat breakfast, but I'm at a loss on why I'm not hungry. Anyone ever experienced this?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can't forget the little dogs

Eddie-Pug, Oreo-blck/white shih tzu, Mazzy tan/white shihtzu, Fritz--schnauzer next to Mazzy, and Viggo, schnauzer in the middle

Mazzy is very playful loves squeaky toys.

Mazzy goes NUTS for tennis balls, her eye is actually 'blue' in parts which is why it shows up red in this picture.

Eddie likes squeaky toys too


These are my chihuahuas, they are so small (5#) they get their own 'tiny toys land' for daycare, Zoey is the one under the blankets, and Sebastian is the long coat one, Zoey is content just to relax, and Sebastian has doggie ADHD, he NEVER holds still, he's all over the place ALL the time, he normally does 'laps' in their area constantly. I think he's practicing cause he wants to be a Nascar driver :)

Working my butt off

So yesterday I was at work essentially by myself, except for my brother as my daycare attendant was out of town. So I took advantage of a slow afternoon and got some exercise in by doing 'laps' in the big dog daycare area, and playing with the dogs. We have these 3 boxers who come quite regularly for boarding (Bella, Armani & Armada), and they are FULL of energy and excitement, and I must say after 30 minutes of nonstop play and exercise I tuckered them out! Their owners surprised us this weekend by adding a Cocker Spaniel to their family as well; Jasmine. Here are some pictures of Doggie Daycare
Cassie (black) and Strider (cream) are Standard poodles who just like to take it easy. Cassie is almost 12 years old so she tuckers out easily, and Strider will chase tennis balls but he's almost like a 'ditzy' blonde when doing so...hilarious to watch!

Bella with her paw on Jasmine trying to get her to wrestle, then Armada was watching my hand waiting for a tennis ball.

Armani & Jasmine playing of war.

Armani loves these "Hurley" Bones, and they are honestly one of the most indestructive toys we've ever had in daycare. We've had this in there for a good few years and it's barely nibbled on.

Armani, loves tug of war, and is always ready to play

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Focus 3/27

I started doing something a while back called "Friday Focus" and I enjoyed doing it I just kind of let it fizzle out, so I am going to try and pick it back up again:

The Good N Bad:
1- Good Limited Diet cokes immensely from my norm (1 on Wednesday, None Thursday, 1 today)
2- Bad too many carbs
3- Good Exercised each day, even took the opportunity today to put in an extra 1/2 hour of 'doggie daycare fun' exercise today at work. I'm beat :)
4- Good, drank all my water every day including day's off
(Non Weight Loss Related):
1- Good- Kept a shiny sink and kitchen counters EVERY day
2- Good- Had several of my 15 min sessions cleaning in 3 areas each then 15 min breaks on day off
3- Bad- Didn't get as much accomplished on my day off as I would have liked
4- Good Made a meal plan and pretty much stuck to it for the week YEAH! :)

Goals for the upcoming week:
1- LIMIT carbs and DO NOT give in to temptation, laziness, stress or whatever other feeble excuse my mind tries to use to justify junk food
2- Continue to keep low #'s of diet coke (I discovered Diet Rite, and was FINALLY able to find it at a store so that's been helping quelch my Diet Coke cravings).
3- Exercise at least 20-30 minutes each day
4- Get the kitchen/dining area (both in same area) , and living room clean, shiny & presentable for company on Sunday.
5- Not be my normal 'shy' self with the company...try to make new friends :)
6- Work at least 1 hour in scrapbook room this week getting it organized
7- Finish cutting out doggie bandanas for my sister (I did 3.75 yards tonight) have a TON more to go.
8- Continue 'Flying' to keep my houes clean
9- Meal Plan by Monday for the week, this has helped IMMENSELY

Our office cat passed on today....

Jasmine Eleanore Louise, our eldest office/clinic cat & mascot, was able to cross Rainbow Bridge (see below) this morning peacefully with our help, she was 9 & 1/2 years old and we've had her for 9 years. We have been treating her for 3 weeks for weight loss, diarrhea, rapid heart rate and bloating in abdomen. She wasn't responding to treatment, was not able to maintain her temperature (she went into hypothermia), and was extremely bloated this morning. So we made the decision to end her suffering. Her bowels this morning were straight liquid almost looked like pee they were so loose. So Dr Sims put her to sleep, she was ready to go, she went quickly and peacefully. She wasn't even purring today, and she was on Wednesday and yesterday. She hasn't eaten anything since Tuesday. He did a necropsy/autopsy as we were concerned she might have FIP which is highly contageous to other cats, her Autopsy showed, NO heartworm, although did have some heart issues, her bowels were thickened and she had lymphadenopathy in her messenteric lymph nodes. Her bowels were VERY smelly. We took some sections and looked at them under the microscope and she had Lymphocytic, Plasmacytic Enteritis, unresponsive to treatment. There were NO FIP Lesions, dry or wet, so the fluid we pulled off of her could have been from the steroids and/or the infection in her bowels. Normally this type of enteritis will respond to steroids but hers didn't. It was a sad day at Camelot Pet Resort, Jasmine is now with Greaser aka Juicer :), Neville, Chester Cheetah the other clinic kitties we've had. Maybe now she won't have nystagmous in her eyes any more :)

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weigh N Measure

I'm doing a "Does your Summer Measure Up Challenge over at C2L (Choosing 2 Lose) so I thought I would post my measurements
• Chest 35 1/4"
• Waist 36 & 3/4"
• Belly 45 1/2" (This includes part of my lower belly is the BIGGEST trouble spot for me)
• Hip 49"
• Thigh 30 & 3/4" Left 29" Right
• Upper Arm 15" Left 14 & 1/2" Right

Today is also my weigh in for the March into spring challenge and it's ugly 210.0#, I was down to 206.0# not even 2 weeks ago. I've been really lax the past week or so in watching carb counts and such, which is what I have to blame for the gain. But it's going to come off!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm exhausted...

The last 3 nights I have been in bed by 10:30, which is RARE for me. I am so exhausted and pooped by about 9pm that it's beginning to worry me. Then I realized that I have been working 'harder' at work, as I am not the 'part-time' Pet Groomer grooming 3 days a week until we can get a full time groomer hired as my sister took a job with Petco to make more money (they are lots busier). Anyways because I'm so pooped tonight I came home from work and immediately made HORRIBLE eating decisions, binged to the point I have a tummy ache, so I know tomorrow for my weigh in for the March Into Spring Challenge it's NOT going to be pretty. I have a sneaking suspicion that Aunt Flo may be coming for a visit soon which may be adding to the hunger/tiredness. Not sure. But I seriously couldn't get enough to eat tonight. ARGH! I really wish I would NOT do this to myself. I always hate myself afterwards, and it throughs my diet completely off kilter.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you a Buzzard?


If you put a buzzard in a pen that is 6 feet by 8 feet and
is entirely open at the top, the bird, in spite of its
ability to fly, will be an absolute prisoner. The reason is
that a buzzard always begins a flight from the ground with a
run of 10 to 12 feet. Without space to run, as is its habit,
it will not even attempt to fly, but will remain a prisoner
for life in a small jail with no top.


The ordinary bat that flies around at night, a remarkable
nimble creature in the air, cannot take off from a level
place. If it is placed on the floor or flat ground, all it
can do is shuffle about helplessly and, no doubt, painfully,
until it reaches some slight elevation from which it can
throw itself into the air. Then, at once, it takes off like
a flash.


A bumblebee, if dropped into an open tumbler, will be there
until it dies, unless it is taken out. It never sees the
means of escape at the top, but persists in trying to find
some way out through the sides near the bottom. It will
seek a way where none exists, until it completely destroys


In many ways, we are like the buzzard, the bat, and the
bumblebee. We struggle about with all our problems and
frustrations, never realizing that all we have to do is look
up! That's the answer, the escape route and the solution
to any problem! Just look up.

Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around, But faith looks up!

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and trust in our Creator who loves us.

This was shared on one of my Chihuahua groups and I really like it. So many times in our daily lives we don't look up and ask for help. Especially in our weight loss journeys. How many times do we ask for help to avoid the carb fests or to avoid temptations of cheetos (a big one for me), or to stay strong when we eat out? I have been trying to incorporate his help more and more in my live only to realize that I need it more and more. I just wanted to share this really quick before I head out for work this morning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beliefs Dictate your Behavior

This goes along with a challenge over on C2L that starts today, I will edit this post more later, I'm off to the Dr with my hubby. For an update on my hubby please visit:

This is from my Lean for Life Rite Aid diet daily motivation:

Do you truly believe that you can achieve your weight loss goal and maintain it for the rest of your life? Did you know that your beliefs dictate your behavior?

These are two very important questions to ask yourself. When you believe in your ability to succeed, you begin to create the behavior and circumstances that then create your success.

Pay attention to the things you think and say about yourself. Negative, limiting thoughts and comments are a roadblock to your success.

How do you stop these negative thoughts? One way is by reciting positive affirmations every day. Affirmations are powerful tools to help counteract your negative beliefs and create positive results. What is your affirmation for today?

Choose your favorite affirmation. Write it on your daily action plan, and display it wherever you will see it often. When you catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts, replace them with your positive affirmation. This may feel strange at first—you may even feel a little silly—but stick with it. Your mind is powerful and it believes what you tell it. Need some help creating an affirmation? Feel free to use this one.

Today's Affirmation:
"I am lean, beautiful and healthy!"

I know I have a HARD time with negative thoughts as that was how I was brought up, I love my mom dearly but she was a 'nag' and not always the most positive person around. One of my favorite all time quotes is "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't...You're Right" How true is that? If we dont' think we will ever lose the weight how depressing would that be? VERY if you ask me, if we don't think we can live without our "Diet Coke" then it must be true, right? I am a hard core Diet Coke addict, ALTHOUGH I have done extremely well limiting myself to 3-4, I know I should give it up, but all in all there are A LOT worse things I could be addicted to. I am going to try hard to work on my 'negative' voices, and try to right things down as I think them so I can transform them into something positive.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fourth of July Challenge Checkin

I didn't lose any weight this week, I had too many carbs this week, and I'm actually up a little. I know where I went wrong and am resolved to correct it and fix it so I am not up again next Sunday.


I told you that I would be posting some of my creations soon, I haven't had time yet to create anything lately, but I did post some of what I have done in the past over on my creations blog:

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is from my 'daily motivation' from Rite Aid's weight loss/Lindora:

This may sound like an odd question to ask you during a weight loss challenge, but how are you sleeping? You might not realize it, but proper SLEEP is essential for success on your weight loss program.

Lack of sleep can actually increase your appetite and your desire for carbohydrates. Feeling tired can lower your motivation to make healthy food choices and stick to your program. Sleep is also the time when the brain replenishes its supply of ''feel good'' chemicals. Results of a study published in the medical journal The Lancet show that sleep deprivation causes changes in metabolism and hormone functioning, which can affect how the body burns and stores fat.

Maybe that's my problem, I generally get 5 hours of sleep if that, sometimes 4, because I don't go to bed early enough. I guess it is something that I need to work on.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sacrifices or Investments?

This quote came through one of my chihuahua yahoo groups today as the Today's Inspirational Quote:

You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make." --Gordon B. Hinckley

Wow can that be applied to weight loss or what? We are making sacrifices by eating healthier, avoiding junk food, spending time at the gym, or at home exercising, maybe not going to our 'favorite' restaurants. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, weight loss is a HUGE sacrifice, and how true is it that it will be the greatest investment we will ever make? I know for me my weight loss is going to help control my asthma better, my joints won't ache as much, and my PCOS will be under better control...hopefully one day allowing me to get pregnant and have kids. As for my husband he is more 'morbidly' obese, and losing weight is going to help him in so many ways: Blood Pressure, Asthma, Joints, Sleep Apnea (hopefully). If he doesn't lose weight he may end up dying at a younger age.

As for today, I woke up over an hour late, so was an hour late to work...thank goodness someone else opens as well today so it was okay. I groomed 4 dogs today, got a $15 tip from one of them so that made my day go. I had to stop in the middle of the grooming to assist with a cesarian on a Boston Terrier, 4 pups, those are always fun and exciting. Owner shows her dogs and works in NICU up at the university hospital, so she's always on top of things and helps us too. Had to groom a 16 year old shihtzu who isn't in the best of shape, she has really bad arthritis, fights me on everything, bites when you try to do her face, had a seizure on the table from stress...It's sad as I've known this dog her entire life, but she is getting to the point where her owners are gonna have to face a tough decision, which she doesn't want to in the least bit, she wants her just to die in her sleep.

Rob (my hubby) texted me earlier today, apparantly they got the orders for his oxygen, and they were so worried about his low levels (which they won't tell us just how low they are until we see the Dr on Monday) that they tried calling then were just going to come to our house 'just in case' they could catch him so he can start on the oxygen ASAP. SCARY! Thank goodness he was late to work because he was making hamburger gravy for their baked potato pot luck they had tonight. So they were able to catch him at home and get the machine all set up. Rob is a little freaked out, and said that if I wasn't going for the pot luck, he'd have me come for his lunch so I could hold him and love him better. I'm scared out of my mind, he could have died on me if they are that low that they are making it a priority/emergency, they called over 6 times this morning trying to get a hold of him but he was sleeping. I'm crying...again

Oh and I left early from work to go to Rob's potluck, showered was ready to go, walked out the door, had my purse sunglasses, shut the door which was locked...CRAP no keys! I don't recall a time when I have EVER done that. We don't have spare keys as our landlord had them stamped Do Not Rob had to come and open the house for me so I could get my keys and go to his work for the potluck. BTW Rob works about 25 minutes away :P Good thing he loves me!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Flying Progress for Today Part 2

Upstairs Bathroom, is also Rob's "Office" hence the TV Tray :)

My Entry way, the grocery sack is going to work with me in the morning, as is the pink bag

Yes that is STILL Christmas garland on my railing...bowing head in shame

Downstairs bathroom (1/2 bath)

Master Bathroom

My cats really like the 'new' cleanliness...they are helping by messing it up! Munchie to the left and Pipsqueak under my rug.

Mini Dee and Pipsqueak, this is a rug that was given to me when I was on my mission. It is made out of Grocery Sacks! WAY COOL!

My Flying Progress for Today Part 1

My new 'best' friend...Kitchen Timer

My Shiny Sink!

Cooking my dinner:

My 'appliance' counter

Microwave (has some stains I'm going to work more on)

My Stove, needs a little more work but is much better

Counter to the left of Stove

Wow! I've been busy today!

Today has been one of the MOST productive days off I have had in a long long time. I got up around 9:30, went to JoAnn's got some rotary pinking blades for my rotary cutter, a pair of pinking scissors, a pack of 4 different sewing scissors, then a plastic ruler thing, all for 40% off they were having on their cutting tools. I got the tools so I could cut out Bandanas for the dogs that are groomed. I ended up cutting out about 10 yards of fabric! Then I made hubby breakfast, did some laundry, went to the post office, came home and have been doing 'crisis' cleaning mode from Flylady (15 min in a room, then move onto the next room for 15 min, then another for 15 min then take a 15 min break). I'm on my 3rd rotation right now (6:00pm) and WOW lemme just say I am AMAZED at what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes. It gets so overwhelming trying to do one room all at once which is why I just give up a lot of times before I start. This method is SO much easier. I think I may get the house in shape for Rob's friends to come over next Sunday....without killing myself trying to get al the cleaning done. YEAH!

Not to mention that I've made dinner easy tonight...we have a Corned Beef in the crockpot (from St. Patricks day...since we didn't get it before, we still wanted to have it), and are going to be having cabbage and potatoes with it. YUMMY! It's cooking as we speak, so no back breaking work over dinner, and it's diet friendly! Anyways back to work I go!

Update as of 7:45pm, I've gotten 2 bathrooms completely cleaned except the shower/bathtub, the kitchen counters cleaned off, the stove cleaned, the microwave cleaned, all the dishes done, the entry way cleaned, and vacuumed, I 've done 4 loads of laudry today, just have to put them away now. Needless to say I'm exhausted and going to go pamper myself with a bubble bath. Can definitely tell I got my exercise in today.

I'm Flying!

Yeah! I am so psyched about my new adventures with "FLYing" (Finally Loving Yourself) that I just had an incredible day, even though midway through it I was faced with some upsetting news --> One of my receptionists was over an hour late getting back from lunch without calling, um she was the ONLY one there who was covering the front (i.e. unlocking the door following lunch, answering phones, helping customers) my dad who was there was in surgery pinning a broken leg on an animal so he couldn't watch. ARGH! Luckily it worked out okay, but normally I would have let that ruin my entire day, I would have been grumpy, pissed off etc, but I wasn't! In fact earlier at Walmart I started CRYING because I was overwhelmed with happiness and love for my husband! I'm happy to report that even hitting 3 stores (Costco, Walmart, Smiths) I still spent under $130.00 which is a MEGA miracle for me! Anyways back to my original thoughts, with FLYing, I have shined my sinks, cleaned all 3 of my toilets out and am working on getting my bathroom counters cleaned off so I can 'swish n wipe' each morning leaving them sparkling! 1 Bathroom down, 2 more to go!. I am also "Getting Fully Dressed even shoes" each day EVEN on my day off! WAHOO! I NEVER do that, well okay I do on the days I have to shop and such. I have ordered the control journal, and can't wait for it to get here. I am such a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) that I live in utter clutter and chaos...but that's all changing!

The FLYing is also keeping me pumped and excited for weight loss too! I had Salmon Tacos for dinner....hubby's idea and he HATES Salmon...we just loaded the salmon patties with mega Taco Seasoning and they were quite delicious. I also drank all my water today too, which is normally a mega easy task on the days I work but not so easy on the days I don't work. Got my exercise in, I'm pumped and ready for the day to start tomorrow. I'm going to get up early (and it' s my day off), have plans to head to JoAnn's as I need to pick up a Pinking Shear type rotary cutter so I can make bandanas for the groomed dogs at work. My mom has made these for years but with her bum ankle -- she broke it NASTILY a few years back, slipping on a railroad tie in our backyard while she was YELLING at my Sister Jennifer about her jerk of a 'boyfriend' at the wasn't at the time but it's quite comical. Not to mention my mom is dealing with a Frozen shoulder right now as well. So I decided to start making them. I am also going to work some more on the kitchen and the front/living room so they can be presentable for my husbands friend from work and his wife who are coming over for dinner in a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you Fireproof?


If you have not watched this movie, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so! It is amazing! I cried pretty much through the ENTIRE thing. I was so touched by the spirit of it. I even cried for a good while after wards. My husband is VERY good to me, he is constantly doing the 'little' things such as making sure I am covered up at night, so I don't get cold, running me a bubble bath (if he's home) after a long day at work, taking care of my boo boos & cuts with a cool head. I need to follow his example and love him more with the Love of Christ. This movie made me realize that I do not rely on HIM enough in my life. I tend to take Him for granted. I'm not going to apologize for the sudden burst of "Christianity" on my blog as I am not ashamed of it. I have decided that I not only need to Fireproof my marriage, and become closer to Him and my husband, but in other aspects of my life as well. I don't rely on him enough, I don't ask for the help and guidance from him in my daily life as I should. I think that I have definitely taken Him for granted in my life, as I was raised as a strong Christian, and things became a 'routine' for me. Now that I am out on my own, I have let things slack and falter, but no longer will I be doing this. My life is going to be centered around Christ in all aspects of it.

Why shouldn't I ask for help in my daily life? Why shouldn't I ask for his help to give up my worst temptations, such as food, diet coke etc? He is waiting at the door, all I have to do is knock. Why shouldn't I live so those who know me will want to know Him because they know me? I am so excited for this new venture in my life, so excited to start 'really' living. I want to thank each of my readers who constantly inspire me. And many of the blogs that I read 'silently' who also inspire me. I really appreciate you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Happiness keeps You Sweet,
Trials keep You Strong,
Sorrows keep You Human,
Failures keep You Humble,
Success keeps You Glowing,
But Only God keeps You Going!

I'm done living in CHAOS!

Years ago, my sister and I did something each day/night to help control the clutter in our house and in our lives, I was browsing some blogs today and was reminded of it. It is Fly Lady It is all about decluttering and not living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I was frustrated as last night someone came to our door...we were home but didn't answer as it's a bit cluttered right now. While my hubby doesn't mind if people see it like it is, I DO! It bothers me. Both my hubby and I work full time, and I suffer from depression so I'm not the 'perfect' housewife all the time. But I'm sick of the CHAOS, not only for that reason, but I'm sick of living a life of 'chaos' in my mental, physical, and emotional lives. I am DONE with CHAOS! LOL! So starting today I am going to take 'babysteps' not only on "Fly Lady" but in my weight loss journey as well, It tend to go 'all' out then get overwhelmed and tend to go off plan. I am going to start with the baby steps with Fly Lady and get my life out of CHAOS, as I would like to be able to answer my door, and have people over without getting embarassed by what the house looks like. I'm going to be posting more about this as I do it, as well as my 'progress'. I don't think I'm brave enough to post 'progress' pictures, but may post 'after' pictures.

In my weight loss journey, I am going to get out of CHAOS as well. My Chaos 'decluttering' with my weight loss is as follows:
C: Control what I eat, Is it really worth it? Is what I am craving, really going to 'solve' my hunger or is it just going to make it worse?
H: Happiness, find ways to be happy as at least I've noted, when I'm happy I'm less likely to 'stress eat'. I will find ways to relieve my stress other than eating.
A: Activity continue to exercise at least 30 minutes each day, change up the routine every now and then.
O: Off Days I am not going to let my days off ruin my diet any longer, I WILL be strong, I will prepare my meals the night before just as if I am at work, then I won't have to worry about what I am in the mood for etc on my days off.
S: Success I am going to CELEBRATE my success, I haven't decided how or how often, but so far I've been able to celebrate by buying smaller sizes of pants (from 22 down to a 16 so far). I will keep thinking about this and post at a future date.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

No more Diet Coke for me...

Today is day 3 without Diet Coke! I am doing good, today I didn't even reach for one. I got sick last night because of pills I'm on and it carried over somewhat this morning, so hubby let me sleep in till about noon. We only get to see each other on Sundays basically, and for maybe 1-2 hours at night (he gets home at 10:00pm), I have to be up for work at 5am, so yah, I don't get a lot of sleep all the time. Anyways we spent the day snuggling, loving each other and watching movies...what a way to spend the day :)

I have decided I need to spend more time focused on me. I need to 'get back' to the things that really matter in life, and not spending all my time in front of the computer or t.v. unless of course I am doing something constructive. It is amazing the technology we have today, being able to communicate with our friends, family and others through the internet, being able to learn things through the internet, I think we tend to take it for granted. Hubby and I were talking about that after we watched "My Favorite Wife" a Black & White movie with Cary Grant. We were saying how we feel that God allowed these things to be invented so that we could better ourselves, improve our minds, bodies, spirits etc with them, yet so often they are not used appropriately.

I have a room full of scrapbook supplies that are calling my name so don't be surprised if I start posting some of my creations :). Anyways overall it's been a good weekend, I've stayed on plan, drank my water, exercised, and the big one...NO DIET COKES! YEAH!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do you Tweet?

I'm fairly new to twitter, but am having fun with it, especially since I just realized I can make updates from my phone...this is gonna be fun! Click on the birdie to follow me :)

More button

Busy Day!

Today was my day off, normally I spend the day glued to my computer or TV, and today I did a little better, I got 1 load of dishes done, 2 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away (that's a big one for me' the dreaded "CORNER" in my office cleaned out. I also stayed on plan, and today is day 2 without 1 single Diet Coke! YEAH for me! I'm a Diet Coke Addict! I also cleaned off part of my desk, found my kitties 2 more baskets in the basement from our move, got them situated....After all...who needs expensive cat beds....When you have baskets? Rob's mom got our cats addicted to baskets...
Pic 1: Pipsqueak aka Pippy Whips
Pic 2: Mini Dee & Pipsqueak
Pip 3: Munchie

Pic 4: Munchie...holding Pip down so pip doesn't bite him. Munchie is one of our cats that doesn't take ANY crap from Pipsqueak, he gives him a piece of his own medicine...can you tell they are 1/2 brothers? (Same dad) Munchie really looks HUGE compared to Pip who weighs 8#

Pic 5: Mini Dee & DeeJay

Right now

My friend Lindsay shared something with C2L Forum that I found very touching, it moved me to tears. for the presentation
& the words

If you really just take the time to 'soak' it all in it is very touching, moving, and can so be applied to our weight loss journeys. I just wanted to share it with my readers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What's my legacy?

This is sort of 'off' diet topic, but one of my elementary school teachers passed away on Tuesday and it really got me to thinking. She was AMAZING! She was one of my absolute favorite teachers of all know the type of teacher I'm talking about, the type that no matter who, no matter what their issues were, EVERY child felt important and loved after being in her class. She was my 3rd grade teacher and her name was "Miss Keeley". She was my teacher when the challenger exploded and we were watching it live in the classroom, even with the disaster she was so sensitive about it, and was very good it handling it with us. I was 8 years old at the time. She was 71 years old, and had been battling cancer, she never married, but definitely left an impression on many many lives over the years, she taught for 36 years. She was a sweetheart, had the perfect combo of gentle discipline and caring to help all students. She also had a wonderful sense of humor. She volunteered as much as she could after she retired from teaching, and even helped when the Olympics were here. I will always remember her hugs, (although nowadays I don't think teachers are allowed to hug).

This just got me to thinking more about what my "Legacy" is going to be, who are people going to remember me as? Besides the crazy animal lady? It is giving me definitely some things to think about and I want to broaden my horizons a bit. I will come back to this at a future date after I've given it some thought.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's up to me!

"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm. As you get older, remember you have another hand: the first is to help yourself, the second is to help others." Audrey Hepburn

I've been doing really well sticking to my diet this week. I saw this quote on a group I'm on and I really like the first part, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm. I have been thinking about it, and it can really be applied to us in our WL Journeys. If it is to be, it's up to me. We CHOOSE what we put in our mouths, NO ONE forces us at gun point to eat the 'crap' that we do. It is up to us to make the right choices of what we put into our mouths. It's up to ME to do what is right for myself. No one can MAKE me diet, no one can MAKE me exercise, no one can MAKE me drink my water....NO ONE EXCEPT MYSELF!

I went to Costco today and in the past I have stopped at every 'demo' stand whether the item was 'good' for me or not, today I only stopped at one that was 'healthy'. I wasn't even tempted to stop at the others. I'm making much better choices at the grocery store, and it feels so good to have a cart full of fruits, veggies, and healthy items instead of junk food, crap food, and more junk food.

While I'm not quite where I want to be, I'm becoming more active on my days off, normally I sit in front of the TV or computer all day long and accomplish nothing on the 'home' front, which isn't good...but is in part due to my Bipolar Depression...and me not taking my pills 100% of the time. I am doing better with that though, I'm really trying as I feel so much better, am more 'on the ball' when I do. Today I slept in, (much needed), went to 3 stores, picked up vitamins/pills from my Dr, put gas in my car, then came home and have been working on doing dishes, and cleaning out my fridge, I even pulled out the shelves and am deep cleaning. I was disgusted with some of the 'crap' in my fridge. But NO MORE! It's all healthy to just clean the pantry out and get rid of the rest of the crap in there......then I will have no more 'temptations'.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's your comfort?

My hubby is home sick for the 2nd time in a week, he came home early on Friday as well due to puking in the parking lot, today he is sick as well. He's not sure what's going on probably flu bug or something. He wanted me to pick him up some sprite and some Banquet Turkey Pot Pies tonight as those are some of his 'comfort' foods for when he doesn't feel good. He also enjoys Morrison Meat Pies with Tomato. He also has 'tamales' as a comfort food. SO it got me to thinking, what are good 'comfort' foods that I can eat while dieting? My 'comfort' foods that I can think of right now are:

1- The Light N Fit Carb Yogurts. I really enjoy these, I actually like the vanilla ones, and that's a first. I like to eat them very slow and 'savor' them.
2- Popcorn N Fresca for some reason when I am nauseated (which can happen quite often with the pills I'm taking if I don't get the 'right' balance of breakfast in me first) a little bit of Popcorn and an original Fresca make me all better. I think it's in my mind as when I was in the 5th grade I was sick and my Aunt Joyce had to come and pick me up from school, I laid on her couch and she gave me Fresca to drink. :)
3- String Cheese, I know another silly one but it seriously brings comfort, I nibble on at least 2-3 of them on my way home from work. (I have SERIOUS driving anxiety and have to keep mouth busy either drinking water or eating...I know another weird quirk).
4- Dessert (My hubby used to make me a dessert with Jello, Whipping Cream, Cream Cheese that is to die for) and pretty much lots more guilt free than normal 'desserts'.
5- Low Carb Pasta w/garlic/parsley I love pasta so when I'm stressed out this is my 'ultimate' comfort food.
6- Jell-o the sugar free kind
7- Low Carb Icecream Fudge Bar. WAY yummy!

So here's my challenge to my blog readers for the day: Find your 'safety net' with comfort foods. Find you some 'diet friendly' foods that you can eat when you need that extra comfort during times of stress, sickness etc. Whether it be low carb, counting calories, weight watchers or whatever your plan may be, I wanna hear your comfort! If you find your 'comfort saftey net' ahead of time you are less likely to cheat when you really need them :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Things about my weight loss journey

Five things that make me stay on plan
1. Visions of Success
2. Pictures of me at a lower weight (on fridge)
3. Wanting to have children
4. Enjoying smaller clothes
5. Satisfaction of watching scale go down

Five things that make me go off plan
1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Yummy food in the house
4. Laziness
5. Lack of Self Control

Five things I want to acheive during my weightloss journey
1. Healthier
2. Become 'comfortable' with my body
3. Easier time exercising (joint pain)
4. Laying groundwork for lifelong success
5. Better Self esteem

Five things I want to do when I hit my goal weight
1. Buy sexy lingerie
2. Buy several pairs of cute (medium) new scrubs
3. Treat myself to a mani/pedi (this will take a lot as I'm not a mani/pedi girl)
4. Buy a new bathing suit
5. See about getting Varicose Vein treatment

Five people who keep you motivated (and why)
1. Sheila because she is so on top of things, and very enthusiastic, whenever I think it can't be done, I look at her success, her motivation, and realize that it can be done I just HAVE to do it!
2. My husband, because he reminds me when I shouldn't be off plan, as well as now that he is on the WL boat too, he is doing great and is so strong about it.
3. My mom, because she has diabetes and I don't want to get it (I know that's sad but I have PCOS so am already at high risk
4. Larry H Miller (He just recently passed away from complications of not taking care of his diabetes for too long (overweight etc), he was a MAJOR public figure here, owned the Utah Jazz and many theaters, car lots, and was a philanthropist). I don't want to end up like him. Addendum: Added to say, I do want to end up like him in a way as he was very successful both in business and had a very happy family, just didn't put his health/weight first.
5. My future children. Because I want to be able to have them, and when I do have them I want to be able to have the energy to play with them and have a great relationship with them.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CC 4th of July Challenge Check-in

Week 4 of the challenge, but just week 1 for me.
Name: Heather
Pounds Lost this Week: (206.4) 3.2#
Total Challenge Pounds Lost: Beginning (209.6#) 3.2#
NSV's: lounge pants are falling off of me
Weekly Summary: This week was VERY stressful for me, I injured my hand and xrays showed that I have 2 fractures in my pinkie finger that are 2 weeks or older, my hubby is facing some serious health issues, and work has just been stressful...but I managed to stay on plan this week, drink all my water and exercise! YEAH! Normally I'm a MEGA stress eaters so this is huge for me!
Strategies for Success for the Coming Week:Plan ahead, healthy alternatives for stress eating so I can be prepared when situations arise.

Ouchie! Ouchie!

My poor sweet kitty! I had just finished sweeping up my kitchen with a new 'vacuum' broom that we got on clearance and was trying to figure out how to empty it, I pushed the button thinking it was attached and off came the bottom of the broom, falling and hitting my sweet kitty, Mini Dee in the head, she was sleeping in a bed under the kitchen table. So she climbed out of bed, and walked over, I picked her up to console her, well..Mini Dee has something called Cerebral Hypoplasia so gets freaked out easily. So I picked her up to give her a hug, and she wigged out biting my pinky finger pretty badly. It's probably 1/2" long, by about 1/8" or more deep but is a flap so not really 'stitchable', it just hurts like HECK! So I was freaking out, bawling hysterically, hubby kept a cool head. I tend to wig out in situations like that. He called my dad to 'verify' what he needed to do. Telling me that "You can take the girl away from the dad, but you can't take the dad out of the girl" cause I'm Daddy, co-dependent :) I just trust my dad, it's not that I don't trust my hubby because I do. My hubby tells me I have to call my dad to 'verify' things that he tells me. My dad is a Veterinarian, so I get a lot of health advice from him. It is the same pinkie finger that I'm going to the Doctor on Monday for so should prove to be interesting.....we have it bandaged and then have a tongue depressor under it to keep it stiff as every time I bend my finger it reopens...bleeding.

My kitty is okay, she just has a bit of a 'goose' egg on her noggen. :) Hubby is taking care of me though....he's making Low Carb Spaghetti with homemade meatballs for dinner...although to give him more credit, he was working on dinner...before I got injured.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My hubby made me cry today :)

With PRIDE today! I know this is probably dumb...but I am SO incredibly proud of him! Let me explain, he decided last night he is going to do Slim Fast bars for breakfast, eat a healthy lunch and then Shakes for dinner (he is home at 10:00pm and doesn't want to have to digest too much at night). Anyways, he is going to do this till the end of next week beginning of the following week when he can get in to start the Firstline Weightloss program with the Dr. (Have to wait till his payday)

So today he kept telling me all throughout the day (on chat) how he started with a shake for breakfast, had a ham n swiss wrap for lunch (homemade), then got hungry for munchies, had to go upstairs to use the bathroom at work, and there were white powdered donuts in the vending machine that were 'calling' his name, and he has 2 friends at work who are 'helping' him with his weight loss, so he figured that he could eat them upstairs and 'no one' would know. Then he thought to himself "I would know" they had sunflower seeds up there, but they didn't appeal to him so he came downstairs to the vending machines and had Almonds. He didn't have any soda's today (not that he's the soda addict like me), but he had water instead, 3 mugs full, and some Crystal Light Lemonade, he's a lemonade addict.

Then he got off early tonight (7pm) and I was going to Walmart to pick him up some shakes, he wasn't going to go with me as he wanted to just veg, then decided to go, and normally he just sits in the car cause he's hurting or just doesn't want to go it, he went in with me, and picked out some Slim Fast Bars, they didn't really have a lot he could have as he's allergic to chocolate (wish it were that easy to HAVE to stay away from it), oranges, strawberries and regular milk (has to have skim) due to his asthma, he can have them but if his asthma/breathing is acting up those foods trigger it and make it worse. But he did pick out some meal bars and the muffin meal bars, then while I went and grabbed some skim milk he went to the produce section and picked out some oranges, bananas and red apples.

He is trying so hard, and was even 'the bold' one tonight about having a healthy dinner. I'm so proud of him, I am crying even as I type this.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small NSV for me today...

Today I got some 'sobering' news about my hubby from the doctor, and it really made me upset. I came home and just wanted to binge and eat whatever I could find, I had a bag of doritos ate 1-2 of them and then put the bag down and asked myself "What the HECK am I doing?" the Doritos are NOT going to make me feel any better. So I went and made myself a yummy healthy salad, and had some string cheese with it. MUCH better choice....and won't feel the shame and guilt of it all tomorrow...So my NSV of the day is, I SAID NO! I didn't give into those emotion cravings!

My hubby has to see a couple of specialists for his Blood Pressure and Asthma, and is also going to be joining me on the diet front, although will be doing a 'Dr supervised' diet/lifestyle change. He is already making changes, like giving away the rest of his 'large' family sized bag of Sour Patch Kids, and putting the rest of his Reece's Pieces in his M&M dispenser at work so his buddies at work could enjoy them. He also is drinking his water! I'm so proud of him!

So for today:
Didn't have breakfast cause we got up too late
For Lunch: Gourmet Salad (sunflower seeds, bacon, almonds, cheese, leftover chicken breast, and guacamole (100 calorie pack)
Snacks: String Cheese & Lean Lunch Meat
Beverages: Water x3 (28oz each) and still going, Diet Coke
Exercise: 100 Steps on my Stair Stepper (my knees couldn't handle any more) Hoping to be able to build up this #

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Going to the Doctor....

On Monday....Yesterday I had a bruise about the size of a quarter between my middle finger and my ring finger on my left hand, the bones were EXTREMELY tender so I had my dad xray it (he's a veterinarian....on of the perks is not having to go see a Dr all the time LOL!) Anyways no broken bones in my hand however the pink finger metacarpal bone is swollen, and sort of 'bumpy' on the edges and not as dense in the middle. We compared it to x-rays he took 2 months ago when I slipped on the ice and sprained my wrist really back, and there are some definite changes. Here are the radiographs it's on the pinkie finger

Notice the pinkie finger (bottom finger) in the x-ray see how it's all bulgy?

These were the ones taken before about 2 months ago, notice the pinkie's normal.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Beat the Stress Munchies!

Today was a very stressful day at work, I found out my kittens brother "Misaki" might have a serious hip condition in which he might need surgery on. He is only 9 months old. He came from a 'bad' breeder aka Kitten Mill. Misaki is Pipsqueaks littermate, Pippers had PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis) when he was younger, but we corrected it medically. So that made me upset, then we xrayed my hand that's been bothering me and noticed some serious bone changes/swelling on my pinkie finger. I am calling my Dr tomorrow to get an appointment. Hopefully he can get me in soon. Then my hubby tells me that his work went over budget for the fiscal year so everyone's hours are getting cut 7.5 hours a week which is equivilant to $600.00 a month. OUCH! It's gonna be tight, but we've survived worse.

So me being the stress eater that I am, I was VERY tempted to just say screw it and eat out for dinner, but I didn't I stuck to the diet and ate Chicken cooked on "George" and then some broccoli with cheese. It felt rewarding NOT to give in to those horrible temptations.

Today was Weigh in for the Lucky Charms Challenge I am down to 208.0# WAHOO! I was at 212 last week because of my horrible binging on Sat/Sunday. It's been a lot of hard work this week, but I'm doing good.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Airport joys....

Today was a ho hum kind of day, just worked, and I did have Taco Bell for dinner but I had their fresco tacos. They are yummy.

My sister Jennifer, is getting a new dog a Standard Poodle Puppy to show in AKC Conformation events. She is 7 months old, and a Silver girl. Jen is sort of 'agoraphobic' and doesn't like to go out in public by herself, so I agreed to go with her. Her flight was due to land in SLC at 6:57pm, and they usually have you get there about 30-45 min after it lands for picking up cargo, so we got there at about 7:20, and they tell us that the flight had some complications and had to turn back to Minneapolis, but it was fixed so they were on their way. So we sat there until 9:30 when the flight finally made it in. It was loads of fun let me tell you....we got some interesting stories from the workers such as how once they had a Gorrilla being shipped and it had a layover in SLC, and the thing was super agitated, the airplane left with the Gorrilla on it, well the Gorrilla was jumping up and down, and screaming/ranting, so the pilot turned around because it was shaking the ENTIRE plane, and upsetting the passengers, so they had to get a truck to transport it to Oregon. Anyways here is my sister's new puppy, Right now she weighs about 35#