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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Focus 3/27

I started doing something a while back called "Friday Focus" and I enjoyed doing it I just kind of let it fizzle out, so I am going to try and pick it back up again:

The Good N Bad:
1- Good Limited Diet cokes immensely from my norm (1 on Wednesday, None Thursday, 1 today)
2- Bad too many carbs
3- Good Exercised each day, even took the opportunity today to put in an extra 1/2 hour of 'doggie daycare fun' exercise today at work. I'm beat :)
4- Good, drank all my water every day including day's off
(Non Weight Loss Related):
1- Good- Kept a shiny sink and kitchen counters EVERY day
2- Good- Had several of my 15 min sessions cleaning in 3 areas each then 15 min breaks on day off
3- Bad- Didn't get as much accomplished on my day off as I would have liked
4- Good Made a meal plan and pretty much stuck to it for the week YEAH! :)

Goals for the upcoming week:
1- LIMIT carbs and DO NOT give in to temptation, laziness, stress or whatever other feeble excuse my mind tries to use to justify junk food
2- Continue to keep low #'s of diet coke (I discovered Diet Rite, and was FINALLY able to find it at a store so that's been helping quelch my Diet Coke cravings).
3- Exercise at least 20-30 minutes each day
4- Get the kitchen/dining area (both in same area) , and living room clean, shiny & presentable for company on Sunday.
5- Not be my normal 'shy' self with the company...try to make new friends :)
6- Work at least 1 hour in scrapbook room this week getting it organized
7- Finish cutting out doggie bandanas for my sister (I did 3.75 yards tonight) have a TON more to go.
8- Continue 'Flying' to keep my houes clean
9- Meal Plan by Monday for the week, this has helped IMMENSELY

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