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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talking About it on Tuesday

Today, I'm beat, I went home early from work yesterday worked on the house some, made some more Kitty Krazies Catnip toys, and then Rob set up my new laptop (which we only ordered like a month and a half ago (valentines day to be exact) BEFORE Rob's hours were cut). It FINALLY came yesterday so he spent the evening getting Windows put on it, and then Installing Linux on it as the Operating System. I will use a virtual machine for windows as I HATE using Windows. Anyways we watching some movies, I was tired but didn't want to go to bed without him and he was in 'the mode' to finish it, he told me 1/2 an hour so I laid on the couch and fell asleep, woke up when my alarm on my phone went off this morning at 5:00am and Rob was STILL up messing with my laptop. He was 'obsessing' he says. Goodness somedays....So I sent him to bed! He has to work today the bugger! I am going out to the Texas Roadhouse this evening with my family, my sister is taking us all out to dinner for her 'monthly' Family dinner. We take turns doing Family Dinners, and since she's still single (39) she spoils EVERYONE and always pays for everyone to go out to eat at a restaurant, inlaws included.

As for the diet front, I need another kick in the pants to get me started. My cousin gave me her mountain bike like 2 years ago and it is still sitting at work, I SO need to take it home to start using, that's one exercise I don't mind doing is biking. Now that my living room is clean I have no excuses NOT to do the WATP Dvd's I've been using the excuse "My office" is messy I can't do it in there, there isn't any room. So now that I have ended 'CHAOS' (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) on at least my main more excuses! I was VERY excited as my Visiting Teachers from Church want to come over and for the first time in a long time, I don't have to make excuses because I'm too embarassed about the 'cluttered' house. YEAH! Feels so good, it is definitely motivating to have a nice clean house (main level only so far) and to be able to come home and not stress about it, not sit on couch 'thinking' I should get up and clean as it's clean. I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be my "Home Blessing Hour" where I go through and sweep/mop, vacuum dust etc, but you are supposed to be able to get it all done in an hour, which should be NO problem if I continue to "FLY" each day. I think the Flylady thing is definitely keeping me more on track with the diet as well.


Mrs. Sheila said...

Yeah. I am taking the challenge ( that starts tomorrow) as my Kick it into high gear. I am even going back to the gym tomorrow! I am excited, the kids are excited, everyone is excited!

Have a great Tuesday

Mrs. Sheila said...

Hey, glad your joinin in on the challenge!