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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Flying Progress for Today Part 2

Upstairs Bathroom, is also Rob's "Office" hence the TV Tray :)

My Entry way, the grocery sack is going to work with me in the morning, as is the pink bag

Yes that is STILL Christmas garland on my railing...bowing head in shame

Downstairs bathroom (1/2 bath)

Master Bathroom

My cats really like the 'new' cleanliness...they are helping by messing it up! Munchie to the left and Pipsqueak under my rug.

Mini Dee and Pipsqueak, this is a rug that was given to me when I was on my mission. It is made out of Grocery Sacks! WAY COOL!

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Mrs. Sheila said...

It never fails as soon as I get things cleaned up again ~ the kids or the cat, even the dh comes in and in 5 minutes I am just standing there with my mouth wide open. Now that they are cleaning .... it is getting better! (save for hubby! He works very hard at work during the week so I take care of his "duties")

That rug sounds interesting.