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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Flying!

Yeah! I am so psyched about my new adventures with "FLYing" (Finally Loving Yourself) that I just had an incredible day, even though midway through it I was faced with some upsetting news --> One of my receptionists was over an hour late getting back from lunch without calling, um she was the ONLY one there who was covering the front (i.e. unlocking the door following lunch, answering phones, helping customers) my dad who was there was in surgery pinning a broken leg on an animal so he couldn't watch. ARGH! Luckily it worked out okay, but normally I would have let that ruin my entire day, I would have been grumpy, pissed off etc, but I wasn't! In fact earlier at Walmart I started CRYING because I was overwhelmed with happiness and love for my husband! I'm happy to report that even hitting 3 stores (Costco, Walmart, Smiths) I still spent under $130.00 which is a MEGA miracle for me! Anyways back to my original thoughts, with FLYing, I have shined my sinks, cleaned all 3 of my toilets out and am working on getting my bathroom counters cleaned off so I can 'swish n wipe' each morning leaving them sparkling! 1 Bathroom down, 2 more to go!. I am also "Getting Fully Dressed even shoes" each day EVEN on my day off! WAHOO! I NEVER do that, well okay I do on the days I have to shop and such. I have ordered the control journal, and can't wait for it to get here. I am such a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) that I live in utter clutter and chaos...but that's all changing!

The FLYing is also keeping me pumped and excited for weight loss too! I had Salmon Tacos for dinner....hubby's idea and he HATES Salmon...we just loaded the salmon patties with mega Taco Seasoning and they were quite delicious. I also drank all my water today too, which is normally a mega easy task on the days I work but not so easy on the days I don't work. Got my exercise in, I'm pumped and ready for the day to start tomorrow. I'm going to get up early (and it' s my day off), have plans to head to JoAnn's as I need to pick up a Pinking Shear type rotary cutter so I can make bandanas for the groomed dogs at work. My mom has made these for years but with her bum ankle -- she broke it NASTILY a few years back, slipping on a railroad tie in our backyard while she was YELLING at my Sister Jennifer about her jerk of a 'boyfriend' at the wasn't at the time but it's quite comical. Not to mention my mom is dealing with a Frozen shoulder right now as well. So I decided to start making them. I am also going to work some more on the kitchen and the front/living room so they can be presentable for my husbands friend from work and his wife who are coming over for dinner in a few weeks.

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