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Friday, March 6, 2009

My hubby made me cry today :)

With PRIDE today! I know this is probably dumb...but I am SO incredibly proud of him! Let me explain, he decided last night he is going to do Slim Fast bars for breakfast, eat a healthy lunch and then Shakes for dinner (he is home at 10:00pm and doesn't want to have to digest too much at night). Anyways, he is going to do this till the end of next week beginning of the following week when he can get in to start the Firstline Weightloss program with the Dr. (Have to wait till his payday)

So today he kept telling me all throughout the day (on chat) how he started with a shake for breakfast, had a ham n swiss wrap for lunch (homemade), then got hungry for munchies, had to go upstairs to use the bathroom at work, and there were white powdered donuts in the vending machine that were 'calling' his name, and he has 2 friends at work who are 'helping' him with his weight loss, so he figured that he could eat them upstairs and 'no one' would know. Then he thought to himself "I would know" they had sunflower seeds up there, but they didn't appeal to him so he came downstairs to the vending machines and had Almonds. He didn't have any soda's today (not that he's the soda addict like me), but he had water instead, 3 mugs full, and some Crystal Light Lemonade, he's a lemonade addict.

Then he got off early tonight (7pm) and I was going to Walmart to pick him up some shakes, he wasn't going to go with me as he wanted to just veg, then decided to go, and normally he just sits in the car cause he's hurting or just doesn't want to go it, he went in with me, and picked out some Slim Fast Bars, they didn't really have a lot he could have as he's allergic to chocolate (wish it were that easy to HAVE to stay away from it), oranges, strawberries and regular milk (has to have skim) due to his asthma, he can have them but if his asthma/breathing is acting up those foods trigger it and make it worse. But he did pick out some meal bars and the muffin meal bars, then while I went and grabbed some skim milk he went to the produce section and picked out some oranges, bananas and red apples.

He is trying so hard, and was even 'the bold' one tonight about having a healthy dinner. I'm so proud of him, I am crying even as I type this.

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