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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weigh N Measure

I'm doing a "Does your Summer Measure Up Challenge over at C2L (Choosing 2 Lose) so I thought I would post my measurements
• Chest 35 1/4"
• Waist 36 & 3/4"
• Belly 45 1/2" (This includes part of my lower belly is the BIGGEST trouble spot for me)
• Hip 49"
• Thigh 30 & 3/4" Left 29" Right
• Upper Arm 15" Left 14 & 1/2" Right

Today is also my weigh in for the March into spring challenge and it's ugly 210.0#, I was down to 206.0# not even 2 weeks ago. I've been really lax the past week or so in watching carb counts and such, which is what I have to blame for the gain. But it's going to come off!

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Heather, you can so do this! I know you can! I have complete faith in you. I am off too... and will be until Tuesday. I am fixing to be dealing with a stressful situation, and I just can't make it worse by stressing over food.

Next week ~ it's our week!