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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small NSV for me today...

Today I got some 'sobering' news about my hubby from the doctor, and it really made me upset. I came home and just wanted to binge and eat whatever I could find, I had a bag of doritos ate 1-2 of them and then put the bag down and asked myself "What the HECK am I doing?" the Doritos are NOT going to make me feel any better. So I went and made myself a yummy healthy salad, and had some string cheese with it. MUCH better choice....and won't feel the shame and guilt of it all tomorrow...So my NSV of the day is, I SAID NO! I didn't give into those emotion cravings!

My hubby has to see a couple of specialists for his Blood Pressure and Asthma, and is also going to be joining me on the diet front, although will be doing a 'Dr supervised' diet/lifestyle change. He is already making changes, like giving away the rest of his 'large' family sized bag of Sour Patch Kids, and putting the rest of his Reece's Pieces in his M&M dispenser at work so his buddies at work could enjoy them. He also is drinking his water! I'm so proud of him!

So for today:
Didn't have breakfast cause we got up too late
For Lunch: Gourmet Salad (sunflower seeds, bacon, almonds, cheese, leftover chicken breast, and guacamole (100 calorie pack)
Snacks: String Cheese & Lean Lunch Meat
Beverages: Water x3 (28oz each) and still going, Diet Coke
Exercise: 100 Steps on my Stair Stepper (my knees couldn't handle any more) Hoping to be able to build up this #


Mrs. Sheila said...

YOU are amazing Heather! Way to go on saying NO!

Sabs said...

Well done for saying no.

Although the news about your hubby is not good, I am confident that him also being on diet will help you lose more weight. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

You have so got it in you Heather..And Rob too! Congrads on saying NO! GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!