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Friday, March 13, 2009

What's my legacy?

This is sort of 'off' diet topic, but one of my elementary school teachers passed away on Tuesday and it really got me to thinking. She was AMAZING! She was one of my absolute favorite teachers of all know the type of teacher I'm talking about, the type that no matter who, no matter what their issues were, EVERY child felt important and loved after being in her class. She was my 3rd grade teacher and her name was "Miss Keeley". She was my teacher when the challenger exploded and we were watching it live in the classroom, even with the disaster she was so sensitive about it, and was very good it handling it with us. I was 8 years old at the time. She was 71 years old, and had been battling cancer, she never married, but definitely left an impression on many many lives over the years, she taught for 36 years. She was a sweetheart, had the perfect combo of gentle discipline and caring to help all students. She also had a wonderful sense of humor. She volunteered as much as she could after she retired from teaching, and even helped when the Olympics were here. I will always remember her hugs, (although nowadays I don't think teachers are allowed to hug).

This just got me to thinking more about what my "Legacy" is going to be, who are people going to remember me as? Besides the crazy animal lady? It is giving me definitely some things to think about and I want to broaden my horizons a bit. I will come back to this at a future date after I've given it some thought.


Andrea said...

Heather, I had a similar experience with my elderly next door neighbor Hazel....she was one of the highlihgts of my childhood. She used to babysit me a lot and would play games with me, make my favorite foods, and made me feel loved by just keeping me company.

We had to do an exercise in college about our legacy. Well, actually, we had to write what we wanted our obituray to say about ourselves. It was a real eye-opener! It definitely is something to think we leave our mark on this world! How do we want to be remembered? That is such good food for thought....thank you!

Mrs. Sheila said...

What a great topic Heather! I am loving branching out lately and blogging about more important things then just weightloss. Losing wieght is not all that I am about, and I know it isn't all what any of us are about. I am going to have to think on this topic. I also have a song stuck in my head "I wanna leave a legacy". ... Do you mind, when I do blog about this, that I link to your post?

Heather T said...

Feel free Sheila to link to my post. I don't mind at all :)

Mrs. Sheila said...

Okay Heather, I finally attmepted it! Thanks again for the inspiration!