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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Day!

Today was my day off, normally I spend the day glued to my computer or TV, and today I did a little better, I got 1 load of dishes done, 2 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away (that's a big one for me' the dreaded "CORNER" in my office cleaned out. I also stayed on plan, and today is day 2 without 1 single Diet Coke! YEAH for me! I'm a Diet Coke Addict! I also cleaned off part of my desk, found my kitties 2 more baskets in the basement from our move, got them situated....After all...who needs expensive cat beds....When you have baskets? Rob's mom got our cats addicted to baskets...
Pic 1: Pipsqueak aka Pippy Whips
Pic 2: Mini Dee & Pipsqueak
Pip 3: Munchie

Pic 4: Munchie...holding Pip down so pip doesn't bite him. Munchie is one of our cats that doesn't take ANY crap from Pipsqueak, he gives him a piece of his own medicine...can you tell they are 1/2 brothers? (Same dad) Munchie really looks HUGE compared to Pip who weighs 8#

Pic 5: Mini Dee & DeeJay

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Mama Bear June said...

Love your kitty pics! We have two Siamese kitties, brother and sister from the same litter. And EVERYTHING is a kitty bed. :-D I've posted some photos of them on my Family Blog

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