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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's your comfort?

My hubby is home sick for the 2nd time in a week, he came home early on Friday as well due to puking in the parking lot, today he is sick as well. He's not sure what's going on probably flu bug or something. He wanted me to pick him up some sprite and some Banquet Turkey Pot Pies tonight as those are some of his 'comfort' foods for when he doesn't feel good. He also enjoys Morrison Meat Pies with Tomato. He also has 'tamales' as a comfort food. SO it got me to thinking, what are good 'comfort' foods that I can eat while dieting? My 'comfort' foods that I can think of right now are:

1- The Light N Fit Carb Yogurts. I really enjoy these, I actually like the vanilla ones, and that's a first. I like to eat them very slow and 'savor' them.
2- Popcorn N Fresca for some reason when I am nauseated (which can happen quite often with the pills I'm taking if I don't get the 'right' balance of breakfast in me first) a little bit of Popcorn and an original Fresca make me all better. I think it's in my mind as when I was in the 5th grade I was sick and my Aunt Joyce had to come and pick me up from school, I laid on her couch and she gave me Fresca to drink. :)
3- String Cheese, I know another silly one but it seriously brings comfort, I nibble on at least 2-3 of them on my way home from work. (I have SERIOUS driving anxiety and have to keep mouth busy either drinking water or eating...I know another weird quirk).
4- Dessert (My hubby used to make me a dessert with Jello, Whipping Cream, Cream Cheese that is to die for) and pretty much lots more guilt free than normal 'desserts'.
5- Low Carb Pasta w/garlic/parsley I love pasta so when I'm stressed out this is my 'ultimate' comfort food.
6- Jell-o the sugar free kind
7- Low Carb Icecream Fudge Bar. WAY yummy!

So here's my challenge to my blog readers for the day: Find your 'safety net' with comfort foods. Find you some 'diet friendly' foods that you can eat when you need that extra comfort during times of stress, sickness etc. Whether it be low carb, counting calories, weight watchers or whatever your plan may be, I wanna hear your comfort! If you find your 'comfort saftey net' ahead of time you are less likely to cheat when you really need them :)


Mama Bear June said...

Dark chocolate! And it's one of the MUFAs in the Flat Belly Diet that I get to eat every day. And I'm still losing, so hooray! Hope your hubby feels better soon!
Path to Health

Mrs. Sheila said...

Mexican food. Plain and simple. I am working on some way to make some good low carb enchiladas ( chese ). That is a recipe challenge for me within the next month or so.

Andrea said...

Mine is definitely meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy. Or pancakes because my grandma used to make them for me. When I'm feeling "healthier", I like to eat almond butter with spouted grain toast, or breakfast cereal with hemp hearts and milk.