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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sizzling For Summer Challenge Before Pictures

I am wearing a size 16 pants, but am *almost* ready for next size down, if my butt were a little they are quite lose around my belly.
Excuse the face, I'm mega breaking out right now, never had acne as a teen had baby smooth skin, but since I was in my late 20's I can't seem to get a grip on it. DARN PCOS!

Left Side & Right Side

My Ghetto Booty....seriously my BIGGEST problem area is my butt, thighs and tummy

Front shot


Lisa said...

Good luck with the Challange... I am so excited about doing this with you all... Lisa

Anonymous said...

You hold your weight VERY WELL! I can't wait to see your "After" picture, yippee!!

Sassle said...

I'm doing the challenge too! Good Luck, we can do it! You'll probably be a 12 when this is done!

Christine said...

I am a late comer to the challenge and I just wanted to stop in and say "hi". :D I am all broken out right now too. :/ Nice to meet you! Hope you have a fun 8 weeks!