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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you Fireproof?


If you have not watched this movie, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so! It is amazing! I cried pretty much through the ENTIRE thing. I was so touched by the spirit of it. I even cried for a good while after wards. My husband is VERY good to me, he is constantly doing the 'little' things such as making sure I am covered up at night, so I don't get cold, running me a bubble bath (if he's home) after a long day at work, taking care of my boo boos & cuts with a cool head. I need to follow his example and love him more with the Love of Christ. This movie made me realize that I do not rely on HIM enough in my life. I tend to take Him for granted. I'm not going to apologize for the sudden burst of "Christianity" on my blog as I am not ashamed of it. I have decided that I not only need to Fireproof my marriage, and become closer to Him and my husband, but in other aspects of my life as well. I don't rely on him enough, I don't ask for the help and guidance from him in my daily life as I should. I think that I have definitely taken Him for granted in my life, as I was raised as a strong Christian, and things became a 'routine' for me. Now that I am out on my own, I have let things slack and falter, but no longer will I be doing this. My life is going to be centered around Christ in all aspects of it.

Why shouldn't I ask for help in my daily life? Why shouldn't I ask for his help to give up my worst temptations, such as food, diet coke etc? He is waiting at the door, all I have to do is knock. Why shouldn't I live so those who know me will want to know Him because they know me? I am so excited for this new venture in my life, so excited to start 'really' living. I want to thank each of my readers who constantly inspire me. And many of the blogs that I read 'silently' who also inspire me. I really appreciate you!


Mrs. Sheila said...

This movie changed me spiritually too. I realized how MUCH HE loves me, and WANTS to be with me everyday. I realized the little things He was doing to get my attention and to shower the love on me, and how often I turned away from it (just as the wife did in this movie). I loved the "marriage aspect" of this movie, but the underlying love story that God has for us is what I realized throughout the movie. I too bawled throughout the entire thing! I am glad to know someone else experienced that too.

Andrea said...

Heather, thank you for your honestly and your candor. I, too, have put God on the backburner for several years. Just today, I started reading the Bible online again and it was so comforting to me. There are reasons why I gave up on God, but I realize that they are not very good reasons. Is this a movie I can rent from somewhere like Netflix? I'll see if I can find it. DH is not a Christian, but I feel like I always take him for granted and don't show my appreciation enough. It's time for a change!

Heather T said...

Yes you can get it from Netflix but be prepared for "A Very Long Wait" we finally gave up and bought it :)