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Saturday, March 7, 2009

CC 4th of July Challenge Check-in

Week 4 of the challenge, but just week 1 for me.
Name: Heather
Pounds Lost this Week: (206.4) 3.2#
Total Challenge Pounds Lost: Beginning (209.6#) 3.2#
NSV's: lounge pants are falling off of me
Weekly Summary: This week was VERY stressful for me, I injured my hand and xrays showed that I have 2 fractures in my pinkie finger that are 2 weeks or older, my hubby is facing some serious health issues, and work has just been stressful...but I managed to stay on plan this week, drink all my water and exercise! YEAH! Normally I'm a MEGA stress eaters so this is huge for me!
Strategies for Success for the Coming Week:Plan ahead, healthy alternatives for stress eating so I can be prepared when situations arise.

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