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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Working my butt off

So yesterday I was at work essentially by myself, except for my brother as my daycare attendant was out of town. So I took advantage of a slow afternoon and got some exercise in by doing 'laps' in the big dog daycare area, and playing with the dogs. We have these 3 boxers who come quite regularly for boarding (Bella, Armani & Armada), and they are FULL of energy and excitement, and I must say after 30 minutes of nonstop play and exercise I tuckered them out! Their owners surprised us this weekend by adding a Cocker Spaniel to their family as well; Jasmine. Here are some pictures of Doggie Daycare
Cassie (black) and Strider (cream) are Standard poodles who just like to take it easy. Cassie is almost 12 years old so she tuckers out easily, and Strider will chase tennis balls but he's almost like a 'ditzy' blonde when doing so...hilarious to watch!

Bella with her paw on Jasmine trying to get her to wrestle, then Armada was watching my hand waiting for a tennis ball.

Armani & Jasmine playing of war.

Armani loves these "Hurley" Bones, and they are honestly one of the most indestructive toys we've ever had in daycare. We've had this in there for a good few years and it's barely nibbled on.

Armani, loves tug of war, and is always ready to play

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