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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My weigh in today!

Today is my weigh in. I am down to 215.0# So I'm down 1.8# since last week, and that is without any exercise, well other than the manual labor at work, where I work my butt off. I didn't exercise this week because my chest has been hurting me. I am down 35# since July, also I have lost 14% of my original weight. I'm so excited!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th

Water: Got it all in
Exercise: 15min on the Orbitrek Elliptical 2.23 miles (I did 15 min straight----well besides getting off for my inhaler, which is a first for me, I did it a little slower than I normally do but I was able to do the entire 15 min all together which I think is better than 5 min here and there high intensity)
Food: See my food journal
Thoughts: 4th day Diet Cokeless!Today was more difficult with the Diet Coke. I was SOOOOOOOOOoo sorely tempted yet didn't give in. It was stressful at work as there was an issue I had to deal with and didn't want to....oh the joys of working with family . I am feeling better, more energetic, getting more done during the day etc. I was also SHOCKED with my 'slight' gain since Weds morning as I've had Chinese for 2 meals since then . Feeling good today, I actually got off my butt and REALLY exercised, I broke a nice sweat, got the heart rate up, I feel good na na na na na nuh! LOL! I knew that I would....once I got off my big butt and did it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Biggest Chooser Pictures

November 6th

Water: Got it all in (love using the Crystal's helping)
Exercise: None too lazy :(
Breakfast: Woke up too late
Lunch: Left Over chinese
Snacks: 2 Peanut Butter Cookies made w/splenda
Dinner: Hubby's Wine Broiled Chicken w/Baked Potato & Green Salad
Thoughts: 3rd day Diet Cokeless! Wow I am on a roll where it comes to the diet coke. I'm not even craving it! Tomorrow at work will be the 'true' test as I am always a stress/guzzle gut drinker at work, and I have to have a 'sit' down with my receptionist AGAIN about things so that's going to stress me out tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Natural Dr Visit

had my follow up visit with the Natural Doctor today. I am still very i impressed with him. I weighed in at 231 there today which was depressing but I know on my scale at home I weighed in at 219.8# this that's keeping me happy. I am down 4# according to their scale (which is one of those inaccurate sliding ones). He was happy with that. I know I'm down as I had to make a new notch for my belt this morning and my pants are practically falling off...yet I'm still not 100% ready for the next size least in my levis.

He actually took the time to discuss all my lab results and explain what they meant. He was a little concerned with my Glucose as it was 94 normal is 65-99 however since I was fasting it should have been down around 70. I do have PCOS/Insulin Resistance so that is what is causing the elevated Glucose. He discussed more about my diet and really wants me to cut back on the carbs by quite a bit, increase protein and vegetables. He doesn't want an extreme low carb diet but I need to do 'lower' carbs. Which is gonna be tough for me as I LOVE my pasta. I have done a low carb before and did quite well on it (lost 70#), so we'll problem is the funding for the low carb's expensive to eat lots of meat and veggies. ARGH So I need to go research low carb I guess....if anyone has any good website feel free to share

We discussed my Vit D deficiency as well. My levels are at 30 normal is 32-100 he likes to see it at 80 so it's got to come up quite a bit. Right now he wants me on 5000 I.U twice daily for 2 months! So I'm taking 5 pills twice a day.....trying to find a higher dose Vit D pill.

My gastric reflux is doing AWESOME! I'm only taking 1 Prevacid a week now and going to try and get off of those this month. I take DGL Licorice Root after meals, and before bedtime and for flareup, but I'm down to just 1-2 flares a week and that is because I love my tomatoes. The local college (BYU) is doing a study on the risks of osteoporosis from taking longterm Acid Reducers. Here is something I found on that: SCARY Stuff...glad I am getting off of it! I've never had a broken bone and don't plan on it! Knock on wood So in one month I've gone from 1 Prevacid and several Ranitidine Tablets as well as tums as needed and puking about 1-2 times a week to not puking at all and only having the DGL Licorice Root. YEAH!

Also discussed Caffeine, and I told him I am cutting back, told him yesterday I did not even have 1 Diet Coke and haven't today so far either. He was excited. He told me that In order to prevent the caffeine withdrawal headaches I needed to make sure to drinkof lots and lots of water. He was saying it simulates the dilation of the vessels/flow that the caffeine causes....I can't remember exactly what he said.

Overall I am VERY happy with this Dr. He knows his stuff and is into full education of the patient something that I've NEVER had before. He shows genuine concern. Also I'm feeling better so that's good too. Now if I can just find something good for my arthritis/joints I'll be in great shape. He said the Vit D will help with that some, rechecking me in 2 months and at that point we will see how I am doing, but may find something to add to help joints.

My next plan is to find a Podiatrist, I have an toe nail that's been bothering me off and on for the past 3 years, but now it's persistant painful and swelling....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Biggest Chooser Challenge

I've joined another challenge, the "Biggest Chooser Challenge" over at Choosing 2 Lose. I'm excited. Challenges keep my 'motivated' and strong. I am setting a slightly smaller goal as I haven't been doing the best lately with the weight. I'm planning on losing 6#. The challenge ends Dec 12th.

Kelly on C2L Shared this about Motivation. I think it's awesome!
M ~ Make short-term goals
O ~ Out with negative thoughts
T ~ Think why you want it
I ~ Imagine how you will feel
V ~ Visualize the future
A ~ Acknowledge yourself with respect
T ~ Treat yourself with respect
I ~ Investigate new ideas and foods
O ~ Observe your healthy lifestyle
N ~ Never give up and never give in