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Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th

Water: Got it all in
Exercise: 15min on the Orbitrek Elliptical 2.23 miles (I did 15 min straight----well besides getting off for my inhaler, which is a first for me, I did it a little slower than I normally do but I was able to do the entire 15 min all together which I think is better than 5 min here and there high intensity)
Food: See my food journal
Thoughts: 4th day Diet Cokeless!Today was more difficult with the Diet Coke. I was SOOOOOOOOOoo sorely tempted yet didn't give in. It was stressful at work as there was an issue I had to deal with and didn't want to....oh the joys of working with family . I am feeling better, more energetic, getting more done during the day etc. I was also SHOCKED with my 'slight' gain since Weds morning as I've had Chinese for 2 meals since then . Feeling good today, I actually got off my butt and REALLY exercised, I broke a nice sweat, got the heart rate up, I feel good na na na na na nuh! LOL! I knew that I would....once I got off my big butt and did it!

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Lyn said...

Way to go on getting off the Coke. I think it's a drug. If I start on it I can't stop.

Nice pics :)