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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday April 23rd Healthy Me Day 5!

Breakfast: Protein Bar, Apple
Lunch: Garden Salad w/Tuna Tomatoes & Light Ranch Dressing
Dinner: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chicken over Rice
Snacks: Pretzels w/Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 4
Exercise: walked on the elliptical 3mi on Apr. 23, 09:18pm (Time: 17:00)
Today's Thoughts: Well today I went in to work 3 hours late because a local grocery store was having a great sale on meat, we got 60# of meats for $40, chicken quarters were 39 cents a #, you can't beat that. Then I helped Rob separate and vacuum pack them down so he didn't have to as tired as he was. I did have every intention of getting out of bed early so I could exercise before work, but TOM is really painful this month, who am I kidding, it's painful EVERY month. Anyways get to work and have 5 grooms, so I am 3 hours behind on all of them, didn't eat my lunch until 4:30, did have a couple snacks here and there but I was STARVING! I am proud of myself as I didn't turn to Diet Coke like I normally do when stressed out. Everyone kept calling to see if their dogs were done yet, and that stressed me out, but I grusfrabaad and just let stuff roll off my shoulders best I could. Rob texted me and wanted me to make Brownies for his work's Friday Night Feast they have every few weeks...we were out of eggs, I was going to go pick up what we needed at Costco on my lunch but since I didn't get a normal lunch I left work 1/2 hour early and went and picked them up...ran into my 'boss' at dad...that was funny! Anyways I really didn't want to exercise today and kept trying to find excuses (I'm really good at that) but when all was said and done I did exercise, not a whole lot because of cramps but at least it was something.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday April 22nd: HHM Day 4

Breakfast Protein Bar
Lunch: Tuna Salad no dressing because I'm a dunce and left it at home
Dinner: Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas
Snacks: Pretzels w/Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 4
Exercise: Going to skip it today and opt for a bath in epsom salts...I am too sore (shoulder/neck pulled muscle) to exercise. But so far I've done 3 days and have 3 more days left so I think I will be fine.
Today's Thoughts: My shoulder/neck was hurting off and on all day so that really made me have a lazy/hard day at work today as a lot of what I do I have to kind of sort of use my left arm/shoulder for cleaning/lifting/computing etc, and since I was there by myself I couldn't have anyone else do stuff for me, so needless to say, I over did it so have a sore shoulder. I am somewhat stressed as I have a baby kitten (5 weeks old) that I am nursing back to health, she had giardia, but she isn't getting over it like she should and is super skinny, not growing etc. I am making her a concoction of kitten vitamin paste/nutrical/maximum calorie canned cat food/meat tenderizer (digestive enzyme) to try to help her along but I fear I might lose little Miss Daisy despite all efforts. She does have a mom, but I have been bringing her home to give her extra care as her brothers/sisters push her out of the way and she's kind of a loner because she's sickly. Wish me luck~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday April 21, Healthy Me Day 3

Food: Calories: High end of calorie range today
Breakfast, Left Over Spaghetti, 2 slices homemade honey whole wheat bread.
Lunch: Protein Bar
Dinner: Lasagna Pasta in a box
Snacks: Popcorn
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 3
Exercise: walked on the elliptical 3.5mi on Apr. 21, 08:59 pm (Time: 20:00) Burned 347 calories
Today's Thoughts: Today was my day off, I normally blow it and blow it hard on my days off. But although I was on the high end of my calories I still stayed within my limit. Probably the most difficult thing today was exercise. It was raining/thunder & lightening so outside walking was out of the question. I slept wrong on my shoulder sunday night (I think) and pulled a muscle or something but my left shoulder/neck has been really bothering me since then, it still hurts, so was trying to use that as an excuse not to exercise, then my exercise clothes were upstairs in the bedroom and I didn't want to go wake Rob up to get them, then I just wanted to goof around with PSP/Incredimail on my computer, I have horrible gas (EVERYTHING I have been putting in my mouth lately is making me gassy) but I gave myself a swift kick in the behind and said to myself, "Heather, seriously who uses GAS as an excuse NOT to exercise? Get off your butt and go do it!" So I used my elliptical while making dinner, was only going to do 10 minutes but I pushed myself and went for 20 minutes. YEAH!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday April 20th, Healthy Me Day 2

Food: Calories:
Breakfast, Protein Bar
Lunch: Salmon Patty, Frozen Green Beans
Dinner: Spaghetti, Green Beans & Corn
Snacks: Protein Bar
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 4 (I am trying to limit myself to no more 4 per day which is going to be really hard for me right now.
walked on the elliptical 2 mi on Apr. 20, 07:56 pm (Time: 00:11:00) Burned 191 calories...did this while cooking dinner!
walked 0.83 mi on Apr. 20, 08:36 pm (Time: 00:19:24)
I am not sure the distance is accurate as I walked twice around the loop and yesterday it said I walk .6 something of a mile? Maybe time to take the car around the loop to see how far it is.
Today's Thoughts: Busy day today, had a very happy day we have a cat we have had for adoption for almost 3 years get adopted today, she is my cat Mini Dee's sister Mini Dee and Victoria both have something called Cerebral Hypoplasia which is caused by the distemper vaccine/virus in their mother while she was pregnant. It affects their motor skills, a good definition is it looks like they are drunk while walking, wide stance, falls over sometimes. Tori has trouble hitting the litter box all the time so we are very excited that she found a great home, they have a cat that already has CH, and they actually moved to a different house to accomodate their cat better (they have a hard time with slick surfaces). They drove 3 hours one way to see her! Anyways I couldn't WAIT to get home today so I could exercise! How crazy is that? Anyways having a good day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010: Healthy Me Day 1

Food: :cheerleader: Calories: 1494
Breakfast, Hashbrowns & Eggs
Lunch: Tortilla Chips w/cheese
Dinner: Pork Roast, Spinach
Snacks: Protein Bar
Water: About110oz
Exercise: :cheerleader:
Using Cario Trainer on my phone:
walked 0.76 mi on Apr. 19, 06:22 pm (Time: 00:12:04) ***This was just taking the garbage out 3 times up a slightly steep hill and back.
walked 0.64 mi on Apr. 19, 08:34 pm (Time: 00:10:52) Once around the inside of our townhouse loop.
Not bad considering I have hardly got any exercise for months....
Today's Thoughts: It is hot and miserable today, but I pushed myself and exercised, am going to try to do a little more when Rob leaves for work, undecided if I will walk outside some more or try my elliptical. Will update after I've done it. Decided to go for a walk, it was starting to get dark fast so only did 1 loop, that and my legs were turning into jelly.

My Personal Healthy Me Challenge

So I have decided I am going to get fit, in health, mind, and body! I am going to start by exercising at least 30 minutes per day 5 days per week, this means that on my work days I will either have to crockpot dinner or do a WATP exercise DVD inside. I have downloaded a couple of helpful applications on my phone that will keep track of my exercise, how far I go and time, as well as a tracker from (that's too cool they have an application), and a pedometer. I am really excited for this and am starting to day! I will use this place to keep track of how I have done for the day. Wish me luck!

Weight Loss: 10# in 10 weeks...I know it's a small goal but I figured I would start out small since I am just getting back on track.

As my 'nutty' self I like to keep track with the little smilies
Daily Goal Completed
Daily Goal Not Completed:

Food: Going to Count Calories (have cool widgets for calorie counting too)
Water: Drink 1/2 my body weight per day which is 218 right now so 109oz per day
Exercise: 30 Minutes 5 times per week
Today's Thoughts: