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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday April 20th, Healthy Me Day 2

Food: Calories:
Breakfast, Protein Bar
Lunch: Salmon Patty, Frozen Green Beans
Dinner: Spaghetti, Green Beans & Corn
Snacks: Protein Bar
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 4 (I am trying to limit myself to no more 4 per day which is going to be really hard for me right now.
walked on the elliptical 2 mi on Apr. 20, 07:56 pm (Time: 00:11:00) Burned 191 calories...did this while cooking dinner!
walked 0.83 mi on Apr. 20, 08:36 pm (Time: 00:19:24)
I am not sure the distance is accurate as I walked twice around the loop and yesterday it said I walk .6 something of a mile? Maybe time to take the car around the loop to see how far it is.
Today's Thoughts: Busy day today, had a very happy day we have a cat we have had for adoption for almost 3 years get adopted today, she is my cat Mini Dee's sister Mini Dee and Victoria both have something called Cerebral Hypoplasia which is caused by the distemper vaccine/virus in their mother while she was pregnant. It affects their motor skills, a good definition is it looks like they are drunk while walking, wide stance, falls over sometimes. Tori has trouble hitting the litter box all the time so we are very excited that she found a great home, they have a cat that already has CH, and they actually moved to a different house to accomodate their cat better (they have a hard time with slick surfaces). They drove 3 hours one way to see her! Anyways I couldn't WAIT to get home today so I could exercise! How crazy is that? Anyways having a good day!

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