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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday April 23rd Healthy Me Day 5!

Breakfast: Protein Bar, Apple
Lunch: Garden Salad w/Tuna Tomatoes & Light Ranch Dressing
Dinner: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chicken over Rice
Snacks: Pretzels w/Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
Water: 110oz
Diet Cokes (Shasta Diet Cola w/splenda): 4
Exercise: walked on the elliptical 3mi on Apr. 23, 09:18pm (Time: 17:00)
Today's Thoughts: Well today I went in to work 3 hours late because a local grocery store was having a great sale on meat, we got 60# of meats for $40, chicken quarters were 39 cents a #, you can't beat that. Then I helped Rob separate and vacuum pack them down so he didn't have to as tired as he was. I did have every intention of getting out of bed early so I could exercise before work, but TOM is really painful this month, who am I kidding, it's painful EVERY month. Anyways get to work and have 5 grooms, so I am 3 hours behind on all of them, didn't eat my lunch until 4:30, did have a couple snacks here and there but I was STARVING! I am proud of myself as I didn't turn to Diet Coke like I normally do when stressed out. Everyone kept calling to see if their dogs were done yet, and that stressed me out, but I grusfrabaad and just let stuff roll off my shoulders best I could. Rob texted me and wanted me to make Brownies for his work's Friday Night Feast they have every few weeks...we were out of eggs, I was going to go pick up what we needed at Costco on my lunch but since I didn't get a normal lunch I left work 1/2 hour early and went and picked them up...ran into my 'boss' at dad...that was funny! Anyways I really didn't want to exercise today and kept trying to find excuses (I'm really good at that) but when all was said and done I did exercise, not a whole lot because of cramps but at least it was something.

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