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Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Things about my weight loss journey

Five things that make me stay on plan
1. Visions of Success
2. Pictures of me at a lower weight (on fridge)
3. Wanting to have children
4. Enjoying smaller clothes
5. Satisfaction of watching scale go down

Five things that make me go off plan
1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Yummy food in the house
4. Laziness
5. Lack of Self Control

Five things I want to acheive during my weightloss journey
1. Healthier
2. Become 'comfortable' with my body
3. Easier time exercising (joint pain)
4. Laying groundwork for lifelong success
5. Better Self esteem

Five things I want to do when I hit my goal weight
1. Buy sexy lingerie
2. Buy several pairs of cute (medium) new scrubs
3. Treat myself to a mani/pedi (this will take a lot as I'm not a mani/pedi girl)
4. Buy a new bathing suit
5. See about getting Varicose Vein treatment

Five people who keep you motivated (and why)
1. Sheila because she is so on top of things, and very enthusiastic, whenever I think it can't be done, I look at her success, her motivation, and realize that it can be done I just HAVE to do it!
2. My husband, because he reminds me when I shouldn't be off plan, as well as now that he is on the WL boat too, he is doing great and is so strong about it.
3. My mom, because she has diabetes and I don't want to get it (I know that's sad but I have PCOS so am already at high risk
4. Larry H Miller (He just recently passed away from complications of not taking care of his diabetes for too long (overweight etc), he was a MAJOR public figure here, owned the Utah Jazz and many theaters, car lots, and was a philanthropist). I don't want to end up like him. Addendum: Added to say, I do want to end up like him in a way as he was very successful both in business and had a very happy family, just didn't put his health/weight first.
5. My future children. Because I want to be able to have them, and when I do have them I want to be able to have the energy to play with them and have a great relationship with them.

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Awww! YOur too kind! love the list!