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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can't forget the little dogs

Eddie-Pug, Oreo-blck/white shih tzu, Mazzy tan/white shihtzu, Fritz--schnauzer next to Mazzy, and Viggo, schnauzer in the middle

Mazzy is very playful loves squeaky toys.

Mazzy goes NUTS for tennis balls, her eye is actually 'blue' in parts which is why it shows up red in this picture.

Eddie likes squeaky toys too


These are my chihuahuas, they are so small (5#) they get their own 'tiny toys land' for daycare, Zoey is the one under the blankets, and Sebastian is the long coat one, Zoey is content just to relax, and Sebastian has doggie ADHD, he NEVER holds still, he's all over the place ALL the time, he normally does 'laps' in their area constantly. I think he's practicing cause he wants to be a Nascar driver :)

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