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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fabulous N Fit by Fall Week 2 Checkin

Name: Heather T (No Time To Weight)
Pounds Lost This Week: .2# (not bad for being out of town)
Total FNF Challenge Pounds Lost:2# total (209.8#)
NSV's This week: I stayed pretty much on plan while I was out of town, having only 1 cheat!
Day's Exercised: 4, I was sick
Inches Lost (optional): Didn't Measure but did today so we can see next week's loss.
This Week's Motivation: My motivation this week was a website/blog, this guy has lost 200# in about a year and a half! Amazing!
Weekly Summary: It went well this week, especially for being sick and being out of town.
Room for Improvement for next week: Less 'crap' foods when at home, more exercise. Got to get back into the routine.


Mama Bear June said...

For being sick and out of town, you did an awesome job! Keep making healthy choices.
Path to Health


Rhonda said...

No not bad at all! Hope all is well your way! Looking forward to week 3 check in and our naked trees. :o)

Annalisa201 said...

Hope all is okay... we're missing you Heather!