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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Update

Not doing so hot this week....will get my scale photo posted soon for the Fabulous N Fit Challenge I just have been dealing with a very sick hubby, he has asthma severely so when he gets sick it usually is 10x worse than a normal person. He has had the flu as I have the past few days, got it from a worker of his who decided to stay/go to work even though he was sick...wasn't that nice of him, it's all I have been able to do to go to work and such. My work is very short staffed and I'm a manager so can't really afford to take 'sick' days a lot. Anyways this week has been stressful, and tom, so my weight has ballooned. UGH! But starting tomorrow I'm back on plan and detoxing to get rid of this water/bad eating weight. I'm sick of the yo-yoing I've been losing the same 12# over and over since Christmas...time for a change...a new front is on the horizon!


Mrs. Sheila said...

Sorry you and Rob are so ill. Besides seasonal allergies, we have all handled the last goodness... nine to ten months very well! Woohoo!

I understand about losing the same 12 pounds over and over. UGH! I am beginning to wonder if my body just likes me in the upper 150's and as soon as I let go (just for one day ~ not even a whole day) I am right back into the 160's. *bangs head on wall* Youll get there!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to you, I'm stuck at between 212-205 now and I can't seem to drop below 200 lbs. Oy!!

I hope you will feel better soon and life will become less stressful, you have over 20 people joining the challenge :o) wowee, I love the support! If you ever need any help with the challenge, let me know :)

Feel better toots!