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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fabulous N Fit By Fall Challenge!

Everything is just about ready for the challenge to begin! YEAH! I have decided to have an entire blog for the challenge as I find it easier to keep up with things that way. Instructions and Details of the challenge are located on the new blog.
I'm really excited for this challenge. Everyone who joins, gets' their own 'tree' in the Fabulous N Fit Weight Loss Grove! You get leaves on your tree as you lose weight and check in each week! WAHOO! Who's gonna have a pretty fall tree with me? We will have 2 winners as well! Although anyone who gives a concerted effort and loses something is a winner! :P


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY!! I kept checking your blog and crossing my fingers that you would start a challenge, I am SOOOOO excited. Thanks, I'm heading over there now!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah! I have been watching too... looking forward to sharing in your journey and keeping the motivation myself by reading your blog and all others who join! Thanks for hosting this one! I've already changed up my links on my page to route others to the group...and I also added it to my CafeMom blog if that's OK with you!

Christine said...

I am signed up! Great idea, looks fun!