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Friday, May 22, 2009

Way to go!

Friday May 22nd : Weight 208.0# (I'll take a maintain after having cookies yesterday) 1290 Calories
Morning: Started the day off with a Ginger/Parsley/Honey/Lemon Juice/Pineapple juice drink,
Breakfast: Oatmeal, peanut butter, banana for breakfast, it was really yummy!
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Hummus Veggie Pita Plate, again really yummy, hubby hates it but I LOVE hummus
Dinner: Garlic/Onion/Chive Seasoned Salmon Patty w/sauteed kale and brown rice seasoned with lemon pepper
Snack: 100 Calorie Popcorn
Exercise: 30 Minute walk with my dog
Water: 2 Diet Cokes only...miracle for me, and drank all my water.

I'm so happy, excited and proud of my Aunt Joyce! She won her works Biggest Loser Contest with a loss of 60+ # since January! Wow! I'm so amazed! I could be there too if I'd quit slacking. This totally gives me renewed spirits and motivation. I'm psyched! Still doing good on plan (day #3) so far. Had a couple cheats at the baby shower yesterday but I made dinner sacrifice and made sure I got my exercise in as well. Update on the upcoming challenge. I'm working on it, going to get it all going this weekend. I've been busy with making the shower gifts and work. I am thinking of having it start on the 2nd (that gives us a week to recover from Memorial Day Festivities) with weigh-ins on Tuesdays (but you can check in any time during the week as long as it's before tuesdays as The Fall Equinox is on Tuesday). Is that cool with everyone?


Anonymous said...

Great job Heather, can't wait to keep up on ya!

Lisa said...

Woo Hooo, congrats to Aunt Joyce! That is an AWESOME feat she did. 60 lbs in less than 5 months!

You need to share your recipe for your breakfast drink... or is is something you buy???? It sounds really yummy! My daughter and I love smooties and I bet this would be up our alley...

Your meals sound so yummy. I'd love to add more fish into my meals, but my hubby doesn't like the smell of it. Now that summer is here, I need to convince him to use the grill to fix it... I love Salmon patty's... I should make some up for my lunches at work.

The challenge sounds awesome to me... You can count me in...


Mrs. Sheila said...

Challenge plans sound GREAT! The second ~ that is a Monday so awesome! Yeah, not to sure how hot my weigh in is going to be on the 27th but hey ~ whateva!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Hey Heather. I have decided that I won't be joining in the challenge. Simply put, I am finally on Vacation, and well ~ I need a break from joining and feeling responsible for a challenge (even participating). I have challenged myself to lose 10 a month throughout the summer and that is easy to keep up with since I weigh daily. No more expecations that then that is what I need right now! :) But I would GLADLY be ya'lls cheerleader! =) Let me know when you post everything, and I will post a thread sending anyone intreted to your blog!!