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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why I love my husband

What a wonderful conversation to start off the day ;) This is an AIM Conversation. Just gotta love his 'kissing' up don'tcha? Makes me feel not so bad for taking a butter knife to my laptop keyboard the other day and popping off the spacebar key (trying to get the piece of food out from under it)....this is coming from my hubby who is a computer geek by trade.

6:57:20 AM)
Love you
(6:57:32 AM) rob love you too.
(6:57:36 AM) rob oh dso I love you
(6:57:51 AM) rob you are the bestestestest wife in the whole world.
(6:58:05 AM) heather why?
(6:58:14 AM) rob the most caring, kind hearted, loving, UNDERSTANDING person in the world.
(6:59:13 AM) rob and you love your husband to no end and would be happy, near estatic to do anything for him.
(7:00:52 AM) heather What do you need/want?
(7:01:05 AM) heather ;-)
(7:01:11 AM) rob I need $20
(7:01:19 AM) heather What now :-*
(7:01:19 AM) rob I can pay you back when I get paid
(7:01:42 AM) rob um, I need you to stop at walmart and pick up a new keyboard.
(7:02:10 AM) rob cause um, I won't have time to fix yours until this weekend..
(7:02:25 AM) rob O:-)
(7:02:38 AM) rob it was an accident
(7:03:05 AM) heather What did you do?
(7:04:17 AM) rob um, I went to um set some ice on your desk, and um there was a cup there that um I kinda set there the other day so I um wouldn't knock it over, and well um it kinda fell over and um emptied itself into your keyboard, the um entire glass.
(7:05:17 AM) heather So you took it upon yourself to have a heather moment did ya?
(7:05:46 AM) heather: Speaking of brother is harassing me about his puters
(7:05:57 AM) rob and see we um payed like um $20 for them so um I thought you could pick one um up and I would clean the old one um on the weekend and have it as um like um an extra in case um heatherism strikes again.


Lisa said..., I, how your hubby uses... "UM" all the time! LOL. That conversation is just too darned cute!

Annalisa201 said...

LOL! Hilarious!!!