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Friday, May 15, 2009

Here come the sleepless nights.....

First thing this morning I get a call from Petco, wanting to know if we could take a tiny kitten into our adoption program, of course I said yes, I'm a softie and have a special talent of raising baby orphaned kittens. 2 Years ago I had 12 kittens (3 different litters) that were at the local shelter at the same time. It was tough but rewarding, my cat Sissy LaRue is one of the kittens I raised. Anyways the guy brings the kitten in, she's a beautiful probably medium to long hair probably will be a blue tabby althoug a little hard to tell tabby at this point. She's about 2-3 weeks old and was found INSIDE this guys trucks engine. SCARY and lucky she didn't get eaten up in the engine. So for the next week or two I will have to get up every 2-3 hours during the night to feed this little one milk replacer with a bottle. I've named her Mercedes since she was found in a truck.
The first picture is of her snuggling with 'surrogate' mama a stuffed kitten that has a pouch for a heating pouch, and a 'beating' heart that tends to calm baby kittens, the 2nd picture is of the 'mama' then a picture of Mercedes in my hubby's hand, I should say that my hubby's hands are HUGE, and then just the little cutie, she has a NICE set of lungs on her, she's very noi

Today I was SO excited to get home from work and go get the mail, as Shellie's new "Walking Harness' came today. It's called a Gentle Leader and it goes on their face 'mimicking' how where their mother grabs them when they are puppies, the back of the neck and the nose. I have been using one to walk her, and I ordered her a 'deluxe' one that is decorated and padded, it came today. I was SO excited to walk her my 'excuse' that tonight was the season finale of "Numbers/Ghost Whisperer and Flashpoint" did not even PHASE me (besides, hubby has them recorded for me every day). Here is Shellie in her new 'gentle leader' You can read more about it here: Gentle Leader Dog Head Collar Website (btw, we did 45 Minutes walk tonight)

And for ANYONE having a Hard time getting off the couch and exercising, might I recommend an AWESOME book called "Every Excuse In the Book by Jeanne "Bean" Murdock, it is AWESOME and has helped me, when I don't feel like exercising I grab the book and it 'debunks' the myths as to why you 'can't exercise. Here's what excuse #99 shows:
"There is a good show on TV and I don't want to miss it"
There are so many good things she says about it, take your tv with you, buy a sony watchman that can be held in your hand...just make sure you do it in a quiet area where there are not a lot of cars or other hazards :) Another thing she mentions is exercise at a gym where there are TV's. Or there is always buy a stationary bike or treadmill for your home and put it in front of your TV. See you don't even have to leave the house to exercise. And for 'excuse' queens...If you can't afford a piece of equipment, walk or jog in place, just get yourself off the couch! See how helpful her tips are? I love them! There are 120 Excuses that she debunks!

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