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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Shower & new motivation!

Thursday May 21st : Weight 208.0# Down 2.2# WOOT WOOT! Aiming for 1290 Calories
Morning: Started the day off with a Ginger/Parsley/Honey/Lemon Juice/Pineapple juice drink,
Breakfast: Italian Toast (Cottage Cheese/Tomato/Basil on toast)
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Pita/Veggies/Hummus Plate (cucumbers/green peppers/carrots)
Dinner: A small plate at the baby shower I went too (fruits, a chicken salad, and yes I had 2 cookies :(
Snack: None seeing as how dinner wasn't on plan
Exercise: 30 Minute walk with my dog, Shellie, she had ants in her pants today because she saw some cats on our walk and was freaked out by them so kept the walk short.
Water: 2 Diet Cokes (doing good in that regard), yes I drank all my water

Yes I did go 'off' at dinner time, but I kept portions small and didn't eat another dinner or snack tonight to hopefully 'balance things out'. I went to a baby shower for my cousin Kristen tonight. It was a lot of fun. I made a baby journal and a photo album as well as took some gifts. BTW If anyone is in need of any baby items (pacifier, paci pocket, diaper bags) I am selling some items on my hubby & I's personal blog
Also got some new motivation! My Aunt Joyce (who is one of my favorites if not my absolute favorite Aunt :) She's just one of those 'fun' people, very active in the outdoors, and always good for advice & very supportive! She also was the person who introduced me to Fresca when I'm sick. I don't remember how old I was but I was sick and she came and picked me up from school once and gave me Fresca, I've been drinking it ever since any time I have an upset tummy) has been doing a 'Biggest Loser' challenge with her work, and has lost quite a bit of weight, she looks AMAZING! Great job Aunt Joyce! Her contest ends tomorrow and she was in 1st place last week so I'm rooting for her to get the pot! (I heard it was a huge cash prize). Anyways she was saying how I have lost weight and how she checks my blog to see if I'm still going! That boosted my spirits as well!

I was quite pleased with my weigh in this morning down 2.2#. It was a nice surprise and made my day start off good. I am working on The Fabulous N Fit By Fall Challenge, and just about have things ready. But I wanted your opinions, what types of things do you look for/like in a challenge? Weigh in pictures? Mini Challenges? Prize at the End? Daily inspirations? Measurements? Leave your comments about things you like about challenges so I can gear this towards what you like!


Mrs. Sheila said...

It is great that you are so close to your aunt! I have a favorite one too!

As far as what I like in the challenges ~ one is accountability, the other is support.

SeaShore said...

Congrats on the 2.2 loss!