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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My cute little nephew!

I met my little nephew for the 1st time today. He is almost 2 years old (September) and lives just 90 minutes away, however my brother and his ex-wife are going through a nasty divorce and Jon has only been allowed visitation in HER home, with only my dad and my other brother and his wife (who were friends with the ex before all this happened) allowed to go there. However she went out of town on one of Jon's visists so we got 'court' ordered visitation at my Aunt's home which is located in a neighboring (to my parents) town. Jon's attorney encouraged us all to go and visit him. It was a lot of fun. Chandler is a cute little boy and looks a lot like his dad. Almost spitting image!

The picture with othe rpeople in it is my sister Jen, my brother Mike and his 2 kids Brigg is in the red/white shirt and Braden is held by my brother.

****Update on the up and coming "Fabulous N Fit By Fall" Challenge, I am working hard on it, had it just about ready to go then I had a complete, brain storm moment and started over! It's gonna be really cool! Anyways I will be working hard on it and should have it ready by Sunday! SO....stay tuned :)

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Lisa said...

How exciting! I bet it was a blast getting to see him. It's great that the attorney wanted everyone there to see him. He needs to know that he has family that loves him even though they are not in his life each and every day... Enjoy the times you are given with him.