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Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Upper Body Workout :)

Having a new big dog is so much Fun! Shellie definitely is keeping me on my toes, I HAVE to go for walks or she drives me and my hubby BATTY with all her energy! She also LOVES to play tug of war, you can see from the pictures! We have a huge park just down the street in our complex and Shellie LOVES to go there. She is such a happy friendly dog, she goes absolutely out of her skin whenever she sees ANYBODY, especially children. We are hoping to get her into a constructive obedience class soon so we can work on some things like the excitement she feels when she sees anybody.


Lisa said...

Our puppy is the same way... she loves loves loves attention and would lick one to death before hurting them. We usually end up putting her in her kennel when people come over... at least new people. Once they get used to her, she's usually ok after the initial welcome to Lucy's

Mama Bear June said...

Awww, what a cutie!
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SeaShore said...

Lol, I do that workout with my dog, too!

Cute dog :)