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Friday, June 12, 2009

Eating on the go....

I am writing this from the hotel, here's a few things I have learned. Double CONFIRM that there will be a fridge/microwave accessible! They told me on the phone there was one, but not when I got here and it was midnight so I was exhausted and not about to hotel hunt, so I had to go buy a cooler (that says it keeps food cool for 5 days) and a microwave. My sister wants me to go to dog shows a lot for her, so I'll just 'pack' the cooler and the microwave in the future.

Things are going well on the diet front. Having breakfast bowls with a piece of fruit for breakfast, a wrap (using those flat out wraps from walmart), with lean meats, cheese, and lettuce, then 100 calorie rice crispie treats (yummo), and then a Lean Gourmet for dinner with a salad and a piece of fruit. For snacks I did some veggies, and then some 100 calorie snack things

As for the dog's raining, and an outdoor show and they are STILL going on with the show....oh the joy! It was hailing earlier today. Luckily, my friends motor home is like right across from the rings so we can watch to see when we are up. Here is the dog I'm showing:

So I


Mrs. Sheila said...

I wish you well on the showing, and kudos for you to making a sour situatin sweet!

Mama Bear June said...

OK, that dog scares me! :-O Hope you have a great show.

You are doing a great job of making healthy choices.
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