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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Subliminal Messages

I think every one of us who has ever gone on a diet, plays the 'psych' game and gets the subliminal messages from your conscious. For example, I am now on Lean For Life (Lower Carb) and have done EXTREMELY well so far, all things considered, well tonight after I got home from work, I had a couple protein snacks (cheese, and a hotdog), and was watching TV, and I was still hungry (hadn't eaten dinner yet), so my mind start's telling me "A little bag of popcorn won't hurt, those M&M's won't hurt......ARGH! So after fighting the 'subconscious' for a while, and drinking lots of water, I decided I better cook some dinner :) So I had some Peanut Ginger Marinated Kielbasa and Meatballs. YUMMO!

Glad I won this time, I more often than not, give in to my cravings and end up eating the Popcorn, M&M's or whatever else my mind is telling me to eat at the moment.

How do you overcome those 'messages?' from your conscious? What helps you out? What cal,s your hunger?

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