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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Jan 31st Day 1 LFL

After last nights 'horrible' dinner I have decided I MUST do better. I am going to 'restart' my LFL Diet YET AGAIN.........So here goes.......My goal is to lose 10% of my current weight in the next 10 weeks. I KNOW I can do this. I am going to be posting some pointers from the Lindora Lean For Life (LFL)/Rite Aid Weight Loss Plan (which is designed by Lindora) combo each day to help keep me motivated. Did you know that Losing 10% of your body weight can significantly decrease your risk for developing health conditions that are associated with obesity?

I am also researching Gluten Intolerance as EVERY time I eat bread/pasta or the likes I get gassy, bloated and have tummy aches, it kept me up all night last night tossing and turning.

Here are my daily goals:

  1. Weigh yourself every morning.
  2. Drink 80 oz of calorie-free fluids every day.
  3. Eat a meal or a snack every two hours.
  4. Strive for at least 30 minutes of walking or other physical activity every day.

More to come....My blogs are gonna be getting longer :) YEAH!
Today's Daily Action Plan: Today's Weight 211.4#

Today's Affirmation:
"I AM taking the first step toward better health!"

B-2 Cheese Hot Dogs 2g, 1/2 banana 13g
L- 3 toppings only large from Philly Steak/Cheese Pizza & 1 combo
D- Taco Salad (without nachos/chips/shell--so just the lettuce, meat, cheese and tomatoes
Snacks: Deli Meats & String Cheese
Liquids: 4 Diet Cokes, 64oz of H2o

**Today I was able to Eat Better because I: I made up my mind before I ate what I was going to put into my mouth. It made avoiding the crusts that much easier.
**Today I was able to move better because I:
**Today I was able to Stress Less because I:
**Today I feel really great about: Making the decision to avoid the carbs today
**Tomorrow I will focus on... Drinking more water and less Diet Coke...I'm an addict, but I KNOW I can do this.

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