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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday --Feb 1st

I am by no means a football fan, in fact I can't stand watching sports of any kind (well okay Dog Show's maybe...) I am glad I was able to find a Man who feels the same way.... :) I just felt since it was Superbowl Sunday I should have it in my title today. As it is Super Bowl Sunday which is a day all about championships & awesome commercials etc, it has caused me to reflect on how I am going to be the 'champion' in my own life. I have lost 40# in 6 months, which is pretty good, not as good as I can do but better than nothing or gaining. I didn't lose all that much in January, because I wasn't really giving in my all, I had too many days eating OFF plan, not exercising etc, I have resolved to do better, and am recommitted to losing this weight. My hopes is to be at my goal next New Years Eve. Which is 60# which is an average of 5.5# a month. I can do this if I keep on plan and incorporate regular exercise into my daily regime.

Sunday Feb 1, 2009 Day #2 Back on Plan
B- Egg, Mushroom, Cheese Scramble (3/4 cup Egg Beaters, w/1/4 cup mushrooms & 2 T Cheese) 4g Carbs
1 Orange 14g Breakfast Total Carbs: 18g
L- 2 Cheesy Hotdogs 2g, 2 String Cheese 0g, 1 Yoplait Light Fat Free Strawberries/Bananas Yogurt 19g Lunch Total Carbs: 22g
- Low Carb Spaghetti 12grams: Break down-- 7carbs for 1/2 cup Sauce (Hunt's Mushroom) and 5g for Dream Field Noodles, Broccoli Normandy 3G & Green Salad w/tomatoes & low carb dressing spritzer Dinner Total Carbs: 15g
2 String Cheese 0g, Baby Carrots 8g, Broccoli 6g, Carb Smart Ice Cream Bar 5g Total Snacks Carbs: 19g

Fluids: 1 Diet Coke, 96 oz Water, 1 16oz Tide Me Over South Beach Banana Drink 1g
Total Carbs today: 75grams

Thoughts: My goal today is to limit my Diet Cokes. I know they are bad for me (aspartime) yet I keep drinking them, just like any addiction I need to overcome it. UPDATE: It is 8:38pm and so far I have ONLY had 1 Diet Coke! Yahoo!

Today's Affirmation:
"I AM a fat-burning machine!"

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Christy said...

Oh man I am the queen of Diet Coke's. I call it my crack!! Good Luck on breaking the cycle -- I am in need of doing the same here!! Also let me know if you try the stroganoff recipe, my sister made it this weekend and reallly like it!!