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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 Minute Icing on Angel Food Cake

So it's not exactly "Diet" Friendly, but today was my dad's 66th birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. So I called my mom last night and asked what his favorite cake is Angel Food Cake with his Mom's Seven Minute Frosting recipe. So I baked the cake last night at about 11:15 (Yah I was wired last night). Then this morning I attempted to make the frosting, the first attempt didn't really work out as we could only find 1/2 of our double boiler, and our hand mixer was acting up. So I was near tears and hubby gave the go ahead to go pick up a double boiler and a new hand mixer. I was so excited! So I made it and it's more like 20-30 minute frosting not 7 minute frosting :) I had to mix it for 20 minutes before it was forming peaks, so I probably should have gone a few minutes longer to get it even stiffer!

So I work for my dad, my mom had physical therapy and needed a ride home today. My dad didn't have any appointments, so we 'booked' a phony one to keep him at work so we could surprise him. I picked up my mom, gathered all the employees in the exam room, set up the cake etc, and told my dad his appointment was there. Now mind you, he thinks he has a real appointment there so he's asking all sorts of questions, how old is it, how long has it been vomiting, has it had any shots? any diarrhea? Yah I was stuttering and stammering coming up with answers, but it worked. As we went into the exam room all the workers started singing Happy Birthday to him. The look of happiness, and joy on his face was a kodak moment for sure (wish I would have thought to grab my camera), he was SOOOOO happy. I also got one of his favorite icecreams vanilla/orange sherbert combo, his favorite drink Orange Crush too. Overall I think it went well, the only thing I should have done differently was cook/beat it a little longer. My mom was impressed with how it went and said I can be the official "Dad" birthday cake maker from now on HA HA! My Grandpa (RIP)'s birthday was on Feb 23rd, and he preferred German Chocolate Cake w/homemade frosting, then my dad's birthday was 2 days later so they had the Angel Food/7 Min Frosting cake 2 days later :)

Here is the recipe for Phoebe Smith's (Great Grandma) 7 Minute Frosting
From: Gilda Sims
Makes: 1 servings


egg whites
white syrup
lemon juice
orange juice
orange rind


Make sure the cake is very cool before trying to frost. Beat all ingredients constantly in top of double boiler over medium-high heat, except orange rind, until stiff peaks form. Add orange rind and spread over cake.

Here are pictures of the cake I made:

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Andrea said...

Heather, looks YUMMY! I was wondering though....what is white syrup???